Pac-Man, pizza, and Princess Peach at this bowling wedding

Updated Jan 25 2017 (Posted Apr 26 2012)
MelanieChris 145
They're bowling pins, get it?

Melanie and Chris are awesome nerds to the core and held their wedding at The Sports Arena in Bangor, Maine. It had a bowling alley, an arcade, pool tables, and a tropical-themed bar. Their own personal touches included a Pac-Man cake and cookies, personalized "O.G.: Original Gamer" bowling shirts, Monopoly guest book, and a Princess Peach program.

They noshed on Pat's Pizza after their ceremony held right on the lanes. Instead of a first dance? A first air hockey game! Their photography, Justine Johnson, said, "I met with them several months before the wedding and I was immediately excited because they seemed like people I would hang out with: laid-back, funny, nerdy… the whole shebang." Check out the photos from the party:

MelanieChris 80

MelanieChris 79

MelanieChris 73

MelanieChris 67

MelanieChris 103

MelanieChris 24

MelanieChris 11
The Monopoly guest book!

MelanieChris 10

MelanieChris 5
The Pac-Man (and Ms. Pac-Man) cake of win!

MelanieChris 167

MelanieChris 171

MelanieChris 3

MelanieChris 296

MelanieChris 253

MelanieChris 248

MelanieChris 233

MelanieChris 216

MelanieChris 205
The 'First Game!'

MelanieChris 180

For the whole story on this games and bowling celebration, head over to Justine Johnson's blog.

  1. My favorite part is how the black lights were on during their ceremony so the bride's dress glowed a little. Fantastic!

  2. Such a good idea! My favorite part is that they clearly spared no expense, but they still well…had their wedding in a bowling alley! Full of awesome!

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