A magical Monday Montage with fairies, horses, and RAINBOWS

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Tribesmaid Chilli gives us what we always want and so rarely get: a bride in wings! Photo by Nick Smith

It was kind of a magical week for reader submissions. I encountered fairy wings, a fantasy destination sign, a horse-drawn carriage, and multiple rainbows. More rainbows is always better. Plus, we also encountered a little science (always good to balance the magic), Pokemon, and yarn art. Check out what else we found in the Offbeat Flickr Pool, the Offbeat Bride Tribe, and Pinterest this week.

Tribesmaid Chilli's wedding was so eye-catching and colorful that even the horses on her carriage had to turn and stare. Photo by Nikki Shaw

Tribesmaid Meghanmeier must have said some awesome vows to garner this reaction from her groom. Nailed it! Photo by Story Photographers

Tribesmaid Kpesz' fairy tale wedding included a destination sign with all our favorite fantasy locales. Book me on a trip everywhere. Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

And here is a look at Kpesz and her groom with the bride's granparents. Here grandmother came as the Fairy Godmother! So ADORABLE. Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer


I Choose You to by my bLiz&Chris_015ridesmaid

yarn art

Galata Wedding-394

OH and that wasn't the only rainbow this week! Tribesmaid Mcmullek had not one, but two rainbows at her Jamaica wedding. And you know what that means.

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  1. Sooo many lovely things in this wedding. I love the gazebo in the 1st pic, it makes an amazingly beautiful setting.

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