Vintage snack: a look at one couple then and now

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If you're unfamiliar with Advanced Style, it's a blog that celebrates, well, the style of ladies of a certain age. They recently featured Bravo's Chef Roble & Co catering the 60th wedding anniversary of one such fashionista, Lynn Dell, and her dashing groom, Sandy.

But the best part is the peek into their wedding photos from 60 years ago.

For the rest of the photos and the full story, check out the post on Advanced Style. OH! And check out this little vid featuring Lynn and her awesome wisdom such as “Fashion says ‘me too,' style says ‘only me.'”

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Comments on Vintage snack: a look at one couple then and now

  1. It’s a motivational kick up the ass to make a better effort with my appearance.

    Time to clear out the rubbish from my wardrobe me thinks !

    Thanks for posting

  2. That’s been my reaction to ‘fashion’ for years. I have my own style…take it or leave it, I”m always going to look like me! I love that my friends response to my shenanigans is “only nikki” 😀

  3. This is so inspiring! In our culture we tend to believe that youth is one of the main keys to beauty. That is so rediculously false! And this proves it.

  4. Wow gorgeous! If someone offered her wedding dress to me today, I’d totally wear it to my wedding. THAT is the definition of classy and timeless.

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