Seattle, SF, Denver: see you at Lovesick Expos very soon!

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If you've been reading for a while, you know that we've teamed up this year with the Lovesick Inc boys to spread guy-friendly, gay-friendly, offbeat-friendly wedding expos across the US. I spent the past two weekends back east at the Lovesick Expo shows, womanning the Offbeat Bride booth (which was really just me sitting on a table) in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Boston. The expos were FUCKING AMAZING, building to a personal climax for me in Boston this past Sunday where I danced so hard in my heart shoes that I still can't feel two of my toes.

Photo by Yaritza Colon

When I first got in touch last year with the Lovesick Inc guys about teaming up, my business pitch basically went like this: “Look, fuckers: I'm sick of all my readers getting to attend your shows and loving them. I want in, and I'm bringing you to the West Coast.” And now here we are, me and the two founders of Lovesick, sort of the alt-wedding business partnership equivalent of a lesbian polyamorous triad (except for two of us are men, and we're all married to members of the opposite sex… but these are trivialities!).

After a year of scheming and Google+ Hangouts, I'm finally getting my wish! The Lovesick Expo is heading west, starting this weekend in my hometown of Seattle…

This weekend: Seattle (Jan. 26, 2014)

The Seattle show is already getting a ton of attention, with our local alt-weekly (Dan Savage's The Stranger) calling it “the Non-Gross Wedding Expo.” (If you know The Stranger, which is infamous for its snark, this is practically the nicest thing they've said about anything ever.)

We'll be at Axis Pioneer Square this Sunday January 26th with 30 of our favorite local bad-ass wedding vendors, many of whom you know… we're talking offbeat-famous folks like Wai-Ching, Shindig Events, A la carte Albums, The Plumed Serpent, Jenny GG, Jonas Seaman, Carly Bish (she of that wedding I crashed), Jaylee Photography, and SOOoOooOO many more. Like all Lovesick Expos, there will be a bar and burlesque, and as an added bonus, I convinced my acrobat husband to do a handbalancing performance, so we can all gawk at this. You can get your tickets here.

Next month: San Francisco & Denver (Feb. 16th & 23rd, 2014)

But wait, wait, wait! The fun doesn't stop in Seattle. After a few weeks off for recuperation and the Super Bowl, the Lovesick/Offbeat party (Lovebeat?) will continue on…

  • Sunday February 16th, we'll be descending upon San Francisco. I'm super excited about this show, because Megan is driving up from LA to attend, so it won't just be me sitting on a table and talking people's faces off for four hours… it'll be TWO of us sitting on a table talking people's faces off for four hours!
  • Sunday February 23rd, the whole shebang will wrap up in Denver. This is the only show that I won't be making it to (I've been working so much that my poor son is basically like, “I am a little boy who lives alone with his daddy.”), but Megan, Stephanie, AND Catherine (aka Superman) will be there and I'm sort of jealous because I'm anticipating that by this point I'll already be going through Lovesick withdrawals.

I think my favorite quote about Lovesick came from Boston, where a friend of a Tribesmaid stopped dancing with stilt-walkers long enough to come tell me, “I'm not even getting married, but this is just the best fucking party I've been to in ages.” Pretty much exactly that, exactly. We can't wait to party with some of you soon!

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(And for those of you asking: yes, I'm already in talks with the boys about where the shows will be happening in 2015. I have my target cities and they have theirs. We'll see what happens!)

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  1. Woo, I’ve been quoted on Offbeat Bride! I meant every word, I had a goddamn ball at Lovesick. Every event should have dancing with stilt-walkers.

    I also showed Ariel the bruise I got on my finger from hitting my ring when I was clapping too hard. MY APPRECIATION WAS SO SERIOUS THAT I INJURED MYSELF.


    You need to bring this shit to New Zealand, Ariel. Srsly.

    • Dude, I said the same thing to Ariel the other day. I’m pulling for some International jams, for sure. Hashtag “excuse to travel!”

    • Please come here. New Zealand is where it’s at.

      You can even have it at my house.

      Haha. But srsly. NZ. Come here.

  3. Hey, looks so fun! I am in the Bay and was getting all excited about the SF stop….but looking at the “talent” page there is sort of a small handful of vendors, mostly photogs it seems. Do you know if any more will be added? Thanks!

  4. So exciting that cool events are coming to the West…now we just need to add Portland Oregon to the mix. =)

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