Win half-off wedding photography with Lovesick's destination wedding contest!

Updated Mar 15 2017
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All photos by Lovesick Photography
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You know we talk a lot about our sponsor Lovesick, the wedding expo. But did you also know that the team from Lovesick does incredible wedding photography? Well, now you know, and you should also know that Lovesick is having a contest of sorts…

The amazingly talented — and fun to hang out with — photographers at Lovesick want to be a part of one epic destination wedding. Tell them about your adorable/weird/fun/adventurous/offbeat destination wedding plans. If you are selected, Lovesick will offer HALF OFF their photography services. (And remember… anything outside of the Philadelphia/NJ/New York City area counts as a destination wedding for them.)

In 2016, this contest took Lovesick to Newfoundland for a day of whale watching and cliffside portraits in the North Atlantic winds with Susan and Jon (pictured above). So, where will your wedding take the team?

How it works:

Simply contact them on their website, or email them at, and make sure to share these details:

  • WHEN you are getting married
  • WHERE you are getting married
  • WHAT you planning on doing
  • HOW you think your wedding will be different
  • And don’t forget to include a fun pic!

Lovesick’s photography package is $5000, so you’d get these services for just $2500! Then, if it costs $800 to get the team on a plane and in a hotel room, it’s half off of that. It’s that simple.

Many destination photography packages can cost up to $10,000 and AAAAAND those guys may not even be as fun to hang out with as Jon and Jason (in my experience, very few people are).

So get in on the action! Head on over to Lovesick's Chronicle page to learn more. (But hurry up and do it, because winners will be selected by April 30, 2017.)

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