Offbeat Bride & The Lovesick Expo teaming up to bring bad-ass wedding fairs nationwide

March 25 2013 | arielmstallings

OBB-LSXsmallWe've got exciting news today! So first, we're hosting a party in Seattle April 17th, 2013, and you should totally come. We know that lots of you aren't IN Seattle though, and we want to see YOU too… so we've got some serious schemes to share:

We're now partnering with Lovesick, the East Coast's favorite nontraditional wedding fair producer, to bring their unique take on wedding expos to the nation!

You've seen them several times on Offbeat Bride, but for those of you who don't know, The Lovesick Expo features an elite array of local talent, unique wedding ideas, hand-crafted, and eco-friendly goods, appealing to indie-minded couples.

Lovesick shares our mission of helping soon-to-be-weds experience the full-spectrum of options available to them, especially those beyond the expected… once the two organizations realized they were essentially doing the same thing online vs. in-person, it was clearly time to team up.

We will join Lovesick Inc. in their efforts to bring earth-friendly, guy-friendly, and same-sex-couple-friendly events across the nation. Lovesick Expos have already been successful in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Boston — and teaming with Offbeat Bride, we'll be expanding to bring their combined unique flavors to the west, with events in Seattle, the Bay Area, and more.

The events will showcase on‐site fashion makeovers, neo-burlesque performances, amazing live music, incredible giveaways, and a cash bar for those of legal drinking age.

We'll have tons more info about our batch of 2014 events in coming months… we can't wait to hopefully meet some of y'all face-to-face next year!

    • Oh we are DEFINITELY scheming a Midwest event. My lesbian in-laws are in Iowa City, so I'd LOVE to do an event there… we'll add it to our location investigation list!

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    • YAY! There will absolutely be an Offbeat Empire staffer in attendance at Asbury Park, although sadly it won't be me (I've got a speaking engagement at the Beloved Festival that weekend). I might sent Megan or Superman instead… SCHEMES!!

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  1. Very cool! If they had done a show in Alaska when I was still wedding planning I would totally have gone to it! πŸ™‚

  2. Please come to DC!!! If there it's one city that needs some kick ass, offbeat help and inspiration, it's the nation's capital!! πŸ™‚

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  3. Come do Chicago! There are tons of offbeat couples here, and yet, the Midwest is so often overlooked! I would love to see some non cookie cutter wedding expos around here!

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    • Chicago is one of our biggest city markets, so I'm absolutely interested — we just have to respect that there's already an awesome alt-wedding fair that already happens there. πŸ™‚

      • Northwest Indiana OBT member here. I really do hope you make it to Chicago… I wouldn't miss it! I was just reading in one of our local bridal magazines that Chicago is the fifth largest wedding market.

        • I was just reading in one of our local bridal magazines that Chicago is the fifth largest wedding market.

          I don't doubt it! …which is why there's an alt-wedding fair that already happens there:

          I'd looooove to get to Chicago (one of Offbeat Bride's editors is there, and I have thousands of readers there), but don't want to go up against an similar existing event.

  4. YEEESSSSS!! This makes me very happy and excited!! A Colorado expo would be amazing! Then again I'd take another in Philly, or even better DC!

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  5. ASBURY PARK?! That's so awesome! I wish that had happened before we had everything planned I would have loved this! I hope this stays a 'thing' for all future brides to take advantage of!

  6. Please oh please oh please come to the Bay!!! WE NEED YOU! I can help organize an event if you need help, as I am in production in the burlesque and music industry!

  7. yay philly! I want to know when! squeeeee excited!! I can almost justify driving the 3 hours or so to Asbury Park, but Philly is so much closer πŸ™‚

    • The difference is that Asbury Park will be in a few months (August 11th 2013!) while Philly won't be until early 2014 — January or February. πŸ™‚

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