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Updated Oct 12 2015
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Rachael Rifkin, the adorable owner of Life Stories Today.
Look, it's Rachael — the adorable owner of Life Stories Today.
Our sponsor Life Stories Today is a personal history service dedicated to preserving memories, milestones, and big life events.

What's a personal history service, and how does it relate to your wedding? Well, unlike most wedding videos and slideshows that only focus on the wedding day itself, Life Stories Today gets the story behind the wedding — how you met, fell in love, then got married — and turns it into a keepsake book.

Here's how it works…

Postcard Front

  1. You and your partner dish your loving details to Rachael, the owner of Life Stories Today.
  2. Rachael puts her creative writing background to work, capturing your love story, and adding your pictures.
  3. You receive a keepsake book (including a digital version to share) filled with the personal history of your love!

You could make up a Life Stories Today book before your wedding, and use it as a super personalized guestbook for guests to sign on your wedding day while they read your story. Or maybe you're post-wedding and you're looking for a super-special way to collect your wedding photos into the most personal wedding album ever. This is it! Tell your story from the day you met to the day you wed with a Life Stories Today wedding album. Because, as Rachael puts it, "Your wedding day isn't just one day, it's the culmination of countless memorable moments."

Create an awesome wedding album that not only shows off your gorgeous photos, but keeps the memories of your love story alive. Start telling your story today!

  1. Beautiful idea! I checked out their website but there is no pricing listed. I shot them a quick email. Here's hoping it's affordable! Our wedding photographer (who we LOVED) tried to sell us on their personalized wedding photo books but they were WAY out of our budget.

  2. You know, on the one hand, when I read the examples, they do sound like actual people telling their stories, so they seem very authentic. On the other hand, people aren't very good at telling their own stories. They get the facts in there, but the language is pretty mechanical. Lots of tell, and not a lot of show.

    So I'm wondering: do you offer a format in which there is less direct quotation and more paraphrasing to turn people's interviews into vivid, beautiful writing? If so, may we see an example?

  3. Holy cow, I loooooove this!

    I won't lie, I got doubly excited when I saw that the first couple talk about their experiences in Japan, as I spent time there, too, & while my partner & I knew each other before I lived there, that's when we got close.

  4. Oooh this is amazing! We planned on creating a 'Notebook' style record of our relationship, combining it with photographs is a beautiful idea! Could be made in installments, thank you for this post, it's given me TONS of fresh ideas!!! 🙂

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