All photos by A Brit and a Blonde.

Jinger and Calvin got married completely off the grid. They from their hometown of New York City to the southern jungles of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. The rugged conditions matched the Lost-themed day, with everything from the save the dates to the bridal party's entrance music included nods to the television series. Play and relaxation ruled the day, as guests signed Jenga tiles instead of a guestbook, played board games, and relaxed at the Blue Osa Yoga Retreat in between wedding events.

Rainforest weather conditions moved the wedding inside into a yoga doja, and the couple got hitched under a bamboo canopy covered with orange ombre paper lanterns. Both Calvin and Jinger are mathematicians, and the festivities had several nods to their work and passion. The wedding program was really a program — it was written in C++ — and the tables were all named after mathematical formulas.


Photographer:  A Brit & A Blonde • Hair Stylist: Costa Rica Hair by Monica • Rentals: Elegante Frenesí • Equipment Rentals: Eventos Boadicea • Floral Designer: Stylos y Flores • Event Planner: Weddings Costa Rica • Reception Venue: Blue Osa

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Comments on A fantastically gorgeous math- and Lost-themed Costa Rican wedding

  1. Yay Jenga! Also, the fiery orange and cool blue-turquoise colours are beautiful!

  2. I’m having a moment over the negative space photo with the tree and their faces. Gorgeous.

  3. Love it! Can we get any more information about the C++ program? I may have to borrow this idea and get some php in ours!

      • Actually, I (Jinger, the bride) wrote the wedding program. I was sitting down to come up with the program text one night and really just felt like coding instead so I decided to do both! One guest pointed out that the bride and groom were leaked in the deconstructor (intentional? hehe) and that the party() function would be more appropriately named startPartyingAsync(). We should have done a code review! 😉

        • Hey Jinger,

          I LOVE that you did a Lost wedding. I want to incorporate it into my wedding too! What music did you use? I’m having a hard time finding music that doesn’t sound borderline sad or has the “trumpets of doom” blaring at some point.

        • I’m really sorry, but my best friend and I have been looking into your wedding for a little over five minutes and we’ve tried deconstructing the whole feel of the wedding, but we’re finding it incredibly hard to see anything that refers to LOST in a striking way. It almost seems like this wedding was more math-coding than anything else as it doesn’t lend to anything LOST here. I understand that much of the Dharma Initiative had lots and lots of numbers, but, it’s so subtle that I don’t see how anyone who wasn’t a LOST fan could ever see the reference whatsoever.

          I thought the wedding looked very pretty, though; I just figured I’d point that out.

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