Los Angeles' Relentless Weddings wants to film the hell out of your wedding day!

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Who better to put in charge of your wedding videography than a fellow offbeat couple? Our sponsor Relentless Weddings is composed of a real-life couple Jon and Morgan (who some of you may know as Morganculture on the Offbeat Bride Tribe). Other than being a badass newlywed, Jon is also a cinematographer in the LA film industry and earlier this year he and Morgan decided to dive into the world weddings films.

They don't have as many non-traditional weddings in their portfolio as they'd like — and that's where YOU come in to play. Relentless Weddings wants to unleash some of Jon's film-industry creativity awesomesauce on your offbeat weddings so they're giving deep discounts and offering a contest to grease the wheels!

Relentless Weddings' videos are cinematic, meaning they look and feel like real movies. Why? Because Jon utilizes the same equipment on weddings that he uses on film and commercial shoots. This isn't something shot by your auntie with a cell phone, that's for damn sure. After he's done shooting your wedding, Jon then edits the pieces into 2-7 minute features that really capture the FEEL of your wedding, not just the events of the day.

Meanwhile, his partner Morgan is all about is all about communication and collaboration with y'all and your other vendors. She arranges bookings, explain terms and equipment, and does general translating from "film language" to "real language." (For example: did you know that on a film set, a simple clothespin is called a C47?).

Because Jon and Morgan are already part of the Offbeat Bride community, they make sure their forms and emails don't include icky gender-specific wording, and they address all partners involved in the wedding planning process. They're so committed to the concept that they've actually turned down advertising on specific sites that are too "bride-centric."

Finally, Relentless Films has TWO special deals for our readers:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNTS: Mention Offbeat Bride for a 20% discount on any package OR half-off Documentary Package travel fees for the US or abroad!

OFFBEAT CONTEST: Because they want more offbeat-ness in their portfolio, contact Relentless Weddings with your wedding plans, and the craziest idea they've ever heard will receive the Cinematic Package (their bestest one) for the price of the Documentary Package.

Jon's film reel includes zombie shoots, action shoots, music shoots, and so much moar. Maybe your wedding is next? Check 'em out and hook 'em up with your awesome wedding project!

  1. SQUEE! I love it when Tribesmaids become awesome vendors. Can't wait to see more work from these guys.

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