Muppets, dinosaurs, roller skates: Make your own wedding planning rules with Rebel Belle Weddings

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A bride in roller skates! From Robin and Mike's Roller Derby wedding.

The following is a true story based on an email exchange between myself and the bride pictured below:

Bride: Hey Megan, I'm trying to plan my wedding and am thinking about getting a wedding planner. Any advice?

Megan: I only have one piece of advice: hire Laura from Rebel Belle Weddings. She is amazing and I love her with all of my heart parts.

And she did! They had an amazing 1920s-themed wedding on The Queen Mary. Then they all lived happily ever after. The End.

So if you couldn't tell from that story, I'm a HUGE fan of Los Angeles-based wedding planner Laura Guerrie. Laura is more than a sponsor, she's part of the Offbeat Bride family:

Speaking of parties, why don't we revel in some of the OUTSTANDING offbeat weddings she's helped orchestrated — Star Wars cakes, Muppets, dinosaurs, and generous offbeat discounts await…

After throwing her own karaoke bar wedding, Laura Guerrie created her Rebel Belle Weddings planning service with the belief that the rules of weddings (and wedding planning) were meant to be bent, broken, or thrown out completely! Since then she's done exactly that with all of her clients, creating completely one-of-a-kind weddings with NO RULES — just whatever you think your wedding should be.

Rebel Belle was the go-to planner for the very first wedding at the Jim Henson Co.

I happened to first meet Laura when she was the wedding planner for the internet-famous Muppet wedding. I'd worked with a LOT of planners in my day, but from minute one I could tell that Laura was something different.

She was just as giddy and geeked-out over the Jim Henson Company and all the fun wedding details as I was. … Until the dance floor didn't show up. The awesome, black and white checkered dance floor that was the centerpiece of the reception site. Then Laura was one bad-ass mutha' that NO ONE wanted to mess with. In no time flat, she had that dance floor delivered and assembled and Laura was back to geeking out and kicking ass.

That's Rebel Belle Weddings in a nutshell: super fun and at the same time making shit HAPPEN.

Want a wedding with tables named after your favorite cartoons on Adult Swim? Unlike some planners, Laura won't even bat an eye. From her experiences as an offbeat bride, she knows what it's like to have vendors look at you sideways and either disregard your ideas or tell you it's not possible. Be careful what you ask for from Rebel Belle, because you WILL get it.

Thinking of incorporating Star Wars into your wedding? She'll not only give you advice on how you can make your own lightsaber cake knife, but then she'll get Boba Fett to keep your guests in line. (Seriously. Stay tuned next week for Dorian and Lynn's wedding profile to see the fette with Fett for yourself!)

So, why were we waiting until right NOW to sing the praises of Rebel Belle Weddings? Well, Laura just got herself and fancy new website design — comic book dorks will especially LOVE this — and she wanted to wait to show it off, of course. She's also releasing a couple of new discounts for offbeat brides as well…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: To celebrate the launch of the new website, Rebel Belle Weddings is offering Offbeat Brides either:

Offer valid through the end of 2012.

Yes, Rebel Belle is based out of Los Angeles, but she's definitely willing to travel, which means that ALL OF YOU can and should hire her for either day-of planning, the whole she-bang or for anything you need help with. And I mean ANYTHING. So go ahead — break the rules and party down with Rebel Belle Weddings!

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  1. Love the idea that wedding rules are meant to be broken. It could not be more true and it’s great that there are planners who subscribe to that kind of thinking. Plus, who doesn’t love the muppets?

  2. I attended the roller derby wedding featured above, and it was the most memorable, fun wedding I ever attended. Laura is efficient and thorough. Her attention to detail was amazing, reflecting the uniqueness of the bride and groom. It was truly “their” special day. Additionally, the photographer she uses is an “artist”.

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