Let Los Angeles photographer Linda Abbott capture all your spontaneous and joy-filled moments

February 4 2014 | meggyfin
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LindaAbbott_OBB1Los Angelenos, get your peepers and your wedding photographer-booking fingers ready, because I'mma introduce you to the greatness that is Linda Abbott Photography.

Linda Abbott Photography is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
Linda looks at her photography business as an extension of herself, so she loves to work with like-minded clients. Which, in her words, means "hippies, and artists, and scientists, cinematographers, and writers, and basically anyone with an open heart and an interesting bouncy mind." That connection Linda maintains is how she ends up wonderfully capturing all these beautiful, spontaneous, and joy-filled moments.

Hugging your wife post-ceremony, the time when your husband did a silly dance, basking in the happy with your new partner, gushing emotional with your guests, and gushing over your new rings… You'll see all the ways Linda managed to capture these fleeting-but-important moments. Ooh, and find out how you can get her to do the same for you, but with a special discount!


Though she's new to Offbeat Bride sponsorship, Linda's not new to the wonderful world of offbeat weddings. She's shot weddings at the Natural History Museum, a "cowboy carnival" wedding, celebrations that included mariachi bands, and even a "gay, punk rock, magic, flash mob wedding" on the beach. (Although, she told us that she's still waiting for the opportunity to shoot "the ultimate wedding": Furries.)


Beyond her ability to capture spontaneous, joy-filled moments, you're also going to love her outlook on weddings:

I wholeheartedly believe, like shout-from-the-mountains believe, that everyone should be able to love and marry who they want, and be able to celebrate the special moments in their lives in any and every way that rocks their hearts. Small, back-yard ceremonies, to large-scale celebrations. Just two people and the dog, to a salmon-themed affair on an Alaskan fishing boat. Whatever your vision is, I want to hear your special story and, hopefully, be a part of it.


Though, more than anything, you're going to like this special offer:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Linda Abbott Photography is offering a free engagement shoot for any Offbeat Bride readers. To take advantage of this deal, you just have to book your wedding with Linda during the month of February 2014.


Wait, I take that back! What you're going to love most is sitting down with your partner as newlyweds, flipping through your photos, and re-living all the wonderful, spontaneous, and joy-filled moments that were expertly captured by Linda Abbott. Bottom line: book Linda Abbott Photography today, and make that post-wedding moment part of your future to look forward to.

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