An evening wedding with a spiral aisle and both Pagan and Native American traditions

Updated Oct 12 2015


Kate and Danyael had a gorgeous evening ceremony at the outdoor mausoleum at the Inglewood Park Cemetery, with guests seated in a spiral (we love spiral seating!). The rituals were a combination of Pagan and Shamanic traditions, owing to Kate's observance of Wicca and Danyael's Native American ancestry.

Before entering the spiral, guests were given a cleansing smoke bath of burning sage and handed an amethyst stone to bless with their good wishes. From there, the ceremony included a tribute to the four directions, a performance of the seven steps, jumping the broom, and drinking water poured from a Native American wedding vase. Following the ceremony, everyone relocated to the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Hollywood for the reception.

Best Coast Photo had the opportunity to see this first-hand and we are so grateful that they shared it with us. Give me a ceremony at dusk any day.














Want MOAR nighttime wedding awesomeness? You can find the rest of the photos over at Best Coast Photo's blog post.

  1. Gorgeous!! And the purple peacock feathers…

    I still get kinda jealous of peoples' cemetery weddings. My one tiny regret about my wedding is that we didn't manage to make the cemetery thing work out with all the other things we decided were important to have. It was the right decision, but… wah.

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