Jessica of Jessica Schilling Photography sent us this wedding featuring giant, awesome, crazy party hats! Since it was held at a Los Angeles concert venue, Beyond the Stars Palace, they were free to utilize the stage for the ceremony.

The couple, Bill and Jenn, wore the biggest and baddest of them all. Bill wore a custom-made stack of four top hats and Jenn wore two different feather headdresses of varying heights and magnitude. Plus, all of the guests rocked hats too! So flippin' cool.

Add in confetti canons, a photo booth, glow sticks, and sparklers, and everyone was tearing the place up.

For more on this Zelda meets chapeau bonanza planned by Angelic Affairs, head on over to the blog post at Jessica Schilling Photography.

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Comments on A crazy hat-wearing, dance-partying, Zelda-themed wedding

    • I designed a Zelda-themed scavenger hunt for my FH to celebrate our 1 year anniversary last week. The prep-work included hand cutting a shield stencil for a sweatshirt, sewing some green felt together for a Link hat and needle felting the Triforce symbol on the front, and painting a river rock to look like the beetle. My favorite was creating The Imprisoned from a Styrofoam egg shape and Mr. Potato Head Playdoh feet. He ended up having a blast, driving all over town picking up his gifts, triangle shaped food for dinner, and chocolate for a fondue pot! At the end, I was waiting for him in a pink dress, ready to spend the evening with him. 🙂

  1. Jessica Schilling is seriously the best photographer in the whole world. It would be a crime against humanity not to hire her as your photographer for your wedding, unless you don’t care about having great photos to look at for the rest of your life. Super reasonable rates and like the nicest person ever. Email me if you have questions. [email protected]

  2. You had me at “zelda-themed” but won my heart with giant feather headdress. Amazing!

  3. Fabulous wedding we helped Jenn & Bill plan! We’re very happy to hear it got the attention and praise it deserved 🙂

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