Sara and Rob love Lord of the Rings and fantasy in general. They channeled that love into this Hobbit-y, outdoor party fit for getting married (or any 111th birthdays). It also fits ever-so-perfectly into this week's forest theme!

They DIYed a lot of the wedding including a Lord of the Rings-style banner, etched glasses, and letterpress invitations. Lilia Photography captured all the moments.

Some of the amazing vendors:

Check out all of the amazing photos over at Lilia Photography's blog.

photography: Lilia Photography

Comments on One wedding to rule them all: a Lord of the Rings fantasy

  1. Oh that is so cool! My family are big LOTR geeks, the story was like a bedtime story to us. I love that banner so much!

  2. Oh goodness! My Mr. Man wants an Elvin (Elvish?) wedding. He’s a big LOTR fan and this is probably just what he’s imagining! So beautiful.

  3. Awww, how cute & well coordinated to the theme! And how appropriate that the books, in the LOTR box on the shelf are so worn, those are some well-loved books


  4. Oh wow: why do I love this wedding so much? Let me count the ways!
    1. Incredible groomsmen and groom outfits!
    2. That wonderful banner
    3. The bride’s awesome tattoo
    4. Games at the reception
    5. Paper lantern gorgeousness
    And so many more! One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen (and I’ve seen so many beautiful weddings!)

  5. Just a few weeks ago I was trying to describe my vision of my wedding, when it finally hit me, Bilbo Baggins’ Birthday. It is so great to see a wedding that has pulled it off so beautifully and I am totally in love with the amazing banner. I hope ours can look just as good.

  6. i just dont even know what to say.
    I am stunned at THE AMAZINGNESS that is this wedding.
    I think when I orignally clicked the link from facebook I thought this had the potienal to be really cheesy but its not….NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.
    It is beautiful.
    Love the last picture and the first look picture
    oh my

    • I saw the tattoo and thought it was awesome, saw your comment about “family” tree, looked back at the pic and saw the names… I just cannot even express how much I love that tattoo…

  7. Big thanks to Offbeat Bride for featuring Sara and Rob’s wedding! Ray and I think they are not just the most awesome, smartest, nicest people, but they know how to put on an amazing wedding that reflects their values and style. Thank you! -Lilia Photography

  8. That dress looks amazing with a cardigan over it. And this wedding is almost exactly what I’d like for my wedding. Utterly gorgeous – thanks for sharing.

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