Ceremony under arch
The internet-famous book arch from Cindy & Sam's geeky bibliophile wedding

If you're planning a bookish wedding, you might want to pay extra attention to Mark and Erin's literary-themed wedding decor. From the programs to the cake, you'll want to peruse these ideas…

Erin & Mark's Toronto WeddingThe programs were all designed with photographs of different Toronto Landmarks in the style of a '60s Penguin book cover.

Erin & Mark's Toronto Wedding

Erin & Mark's Toronto WeddingThey also had a Penguin book-style program made for the officiant to hold the vows.

Erin & Mark's Toronto WeddingThe table seating cards were arranged like library cards.

Erin & Mark's Toronto WeddingAnd corresponded with more vintage-style Penguin book table numbers. Note the book page paper flowers!

Erin & Mark's Toronto Wedding
Cake made by Coffee and Cakes in Bowmanville, Ontario.

But my favorite is probably their big, stacked-books-as-tiers wedding cake.

PS: if you love these, you're going to love the internet-famous book arch from Cindy & Sam's geeky bibliophile wedding:

Ceremony under arch

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  1. As someone who could spend twelve hours in a Staples, I love the repurposed paper clips!

    • Omg, I hadn’t noticed them until you pointed them out! Genius!

      I just want to hug that cake. I hope it smells like books…

      • It smelled exactly like chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream (bonus it was seriously delicious) – which is kind of like books!

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