Lilac dream dress + bridesmaids in suits

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 | Photography by Robert Emmett
Photo courtesy of Tova Marc
Photography by Robert Emmett

I'm shoving Megan out of the way for a moment here — she's been ogling dresses by Tova at Wedding Dress Fantasy for the past few weeks, and it's time for me to get my turn here. Ok first: how much are you freaking out over how the bride's lilac dress coordinates with her husband's dark purple velvet jacket? I'm dying.

But wait there's so much more — wait until you see what the bride had hiding under her skirt, and the suits her bridesmaids wore!

wedding dress fantasy - jes wolfe 3

Peek-a-boo deep purple dress lining! I see you! But you know what I also see? Bridesmaids looking so hot in their matching slim-line black suits that I think my eyeballs just started boiling inside their sockets. I mean, I just… WOW. Please, can this become a thing?

wedding dress fantasy - jes wolfe



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Comments on Lilac dream dress + bridesmaids in suits

    • They look like different suits. The pants are definitely different on each woman – so ones they already had maybe?

    • Hi Megan, my “First Ladies” all wore the same jacket from H & M and the same purple velvet bow ties (which we had hand made for each First Lady and Best Man).
      I encouraged the First Ladies to wear whatever style of trousers/ skirt and white top they felt comfortable in as I wanted them to be individual too. And they were, all wearing a white top, shoes and accessories that were unique to their personalities 🙂

  1. how stylish is a groom in purple velvet {swoon}
    and are the bridesmaids bow-ties purple?
    the whole thing is amazing and I love the pomander bouquet!

    • And the bouquet… I asked the florist to surprise me with something purple and white that I could carry on my wrist to leave my hand free to hug guests with!

  2. Seeing those ladies in suits is one of those “Duh!” moments for me. Thank you for pointing it out that a dress is not the only option! I never really thought about it but you are totally right! And yes, those ladies are lookin’ some kinda fine!

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