The perfect candles for your Star Wars geek wedding

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Hey, fellow Star Wars nerds!

Think you've gotten all your Star Wars-themed wedding decor all figured out already? Ha ha. NOPE. Think again!

I found something brand new that's PERFECT for your Star Wars wedding decor. I'm about to show you something that's gonna make you smash your imaginary reception table with the sheer brilliance of these officially licensed Star Wars candles…

Yup, that's a lightsaber candlestick, and it's one of the best things I've ever seen.

From Think Geek's website:

Each Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick is a precise scaled down re-creation of Darth Vader's blade cast in zinc-alloy and chrome plated. Three no-drip red taper candles are included but most standard taper candles will fit the candlestick properly. The circular base unscrews to provide a more authentic look to the saber hilt for the true Star Wars collector.

Just imagine these lining your reception table, with different candle colors to illustrate the different tables — red for the Darth Vader table, green for the Yoda table, or blue for the Luke Skywalker table, and on and on into the Expanded Universe.

Ooh, or maybe this could be the PERFECT Star Wars nerd unity candle? So many options and all of them stupendous. Buy it now over at Think Geek before it sells out… and sell out it will.

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Comments on The perfect candles for your Star Wars geek wedding

  1. I’m a huge Star Wars nerd (read the comics/books religiously) and would love to have some reference to it at my wedding, without turning it into the ‘Star Wars Wedding,’ if you know what I mean. hmm.

  2. This would be perfect for our unity candle! Our wedding is actually on Star Wars Day, May 4th, 2013. Get it? May the Fourth be with you. I love nerdy humor 😛

  3. Our wedding also Star Wars Day May 4th 2013!!! – Gotta have them!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. We bought these for part of our unity candle ceremony at our wedding in July. I’m SO excited.

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