Rainbows & gender unicorns: how LGBTQ wedding rings change the rules

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Rainbows, matching, & gender unicorns: how LGBTQ couples are customizing their wedding rings
A rainbow of ring options from Joseph Jewelry

When it comes to buying rings for weddings, whether it be engagement rings, wedding bands, or other kinds of jewelry, LGBTQ couples (and throuples and more!) are throwing out the traditions that bind them to forge their own paths in ringdom. Whether you propose to each other, have matching bands, eschew rings altogether in favor of another kind of jewelry, the options for rings that represent your identity are endless.

Now of course, nothing about these rings is explicitly gay (do they only have sex with other rings?) and you can have any dang ring you want, regardless of identity. That said, we browsed some of our favorite ring creators to see what trends and ideas they've been seeing in wedding jewelry that allow for more expression of who and how you love, what your gender is, and how you want to communicate that to world.

Super affordable, unique engagement rings

Did you see this recent proposal on TikTok?

@juicyrumpusupdate: we’re engaged ❤️ @slay.zaddy #lgbtqcouples🏳️‍🌈 #pridemonth #gaygirltiktok #gayproposal #gaymarrige #engaged2021 #theythem #nonbinarytiktok♬ original sound – ya gurl kay ✨

We love the opal inlay ring that was used to propose:

Best part? It's only $115!


But what if you're two masculine or nonbinary folks proposing to each other?

Sometimes when you're proposing to a man or someone who identifies as nonbinary, you may not want the stereotypical feminine engagement ring. But you might still want something with a little bling. That's why we love these more masculine and gender-neutral engagement rings.

Love the masc vibes of this modern diamond engagement ring
These his & his wedding bands can be customized with a personalized inscription.

What if you want unusual colors?

Holy WOW the puple and green colors in this Emerald and amethyst white gold ring …and that Art Deco design! This was Offbeat Bride reader

And what if you just really love rainbows??

The center stone of this custom-made gay engagement ring is around diamond, while the accent stones are 14 2mm square gems including amethyst, blue sapphire, peridot, ruby, Mozambique garnet and yellow diamonds. GORGEOUS!
This LGBTQ wedding ring is made to order and can be customized in every possible way.


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