Birch, Please: check out Queer Getting Married’s wedding invitations full of gay superheros and loving lesbian silhouettes

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Silhou-wed -- a ready-made save the date, that can be customized with your profiles.
Silhou-wed — a ready-made save the date, that can be customized with your profiles.

Shopping for wedding invitations and getting frustrated by heteronormative overload? We've been contacted by a lot of readers who want to know about vendors that give LGBT couples as many invitation options as straight couples. That's why I'm excited about our newest sponsor Queer Getting Married — a wedding stationery company that provides invitations, save the dates, and more.

Their mission is to provide new wedding designs for queer couples and allies with damn good taste. Let's see more of these fantastic designs including the cutest gay superhero wedding invitation you've ever seen…


How freaking adorable is this save-the-date design!? This is one of designer Mike Curato's custom designs for one lucky-in-love couple. This is a SUPER (get it?) example of how far and fantastic Queer Getting Married can go with your invite design! Send them photos of yourselves, and they can create a custom comic book cover featuring you happy heroes and heroines.

Of course, you're not limited to just comic books. If you have a favorite movie, show, book, or whatever, Queer Getting Married can create something inspired by your favorite things.

Victor Victoriana wedding invitations
Victor Victoriana wedding invitations

Queer Getting Married also has lovely ready-made designs, like the Victor Victoriana invitations — for you lovers of all things vintage. You can also personalize any of their ready-made designs on the website. Just add your text and Queer Getting Married will send you a proof to approve before printing. No hassles and no worries!


You can also take advantage of Queer Getting Married's complete wedding invitation packages. They come in two different packages:

  1. The “Please come, and thank you” includes invitations with envelopes, RSVPs with envelopes, additional info cards, and Thank You cards with envelopes.
  2. The “Small (but perfectly adequate) package” includes the invitations with envelopes, RSVPs with envelopes, and info cards.
Custon Hand Lettering Save the Date
Custon Hand Lettering Save the Date

Of course, Queer Getting Married isn't just for our LGBT readers. As I mentioned, they're also ally-friendly. Just check out the adorable hand-lettered Save the Date pictured above. When it comes to ready-made invitations, all of these designs could be easily and happily enjoyed by all types of couples. Plus their product names can't be beat: Birch Please, Here Comes the Pride, Wheel Love

I mean, just click over to not only enjoy the names but bask in the glorious designs from Queer Getting Married.

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Comments on Birch, Please: check out Queer Getting Married’s wedding invitations full of gay superheros and loving lesbian silhouettes

  1. THIS IS THE COMPANY I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND! I knew there had to be awesome gay invitations out there somewhere, but all I could find were GAYWEDDINGRAINBOWS! or generic unisex designs. And y’know, some of us don’t really want our wedding to be A Gay Wedding (just a wedding of gay people) and unisex designs are easy enough to find anywhere.

    but these? u-haul save the dates with wedding bells on the truck? Bear-themed invitations with a rugged look? these people know their target audience. I LOVE the subtlety of the designs on I’m Your Venus and Mars Loves Lars.

    Finally somewhere that has gay designs that are actually designed WELL!! <3

    • I was just thinking, “Babelglyph is going to love these” — some of these are just so damn elegant! ;____;

      • Sadly, the invitations seem to be just out of budget for us. 🙁 I’m definitely going to keep some of the Save The Date designs in the running, though! Either that or skip sending physical Save the Dates in order to splurge more on the invitations themselves…ahhh, decisions!

        • Hi Babeglyph! I’m Mike, a Co-Founder at Queer Getting Married. If you’d like to chat we can see if there’s something we can do to fit your budget!

          • now THAT is a reason to give Queer Getting Married my business :: an owner not too busy to reach out to a possible customer. HUGE thumbs up from another potential customer!!

  2. Ooh! Very nice stuff! Not my personal style, but I will definitely recommend these guys to my friends with more simple. quirky senses of taste!

  3. You had me at SUPER (but Til Death Do Us Paw’t stole my heart completely).


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