A purple-infused Old Stone House lesbian wedding in Brooklyn

Updated Oct 12 2015

Andrea and Alice celebrated their legal marriage in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Their reception was held at the gorgeous Old Stone House with elegant DIY decor and a focus on all things love and family.

Erica Camille met these two at the New York Pride Parade, and has become great friends with them in addition to photographing their wedding. Erica shared these photos with us and they are fan-flipping-tastic.

This has to be a very popular way to start a wedding: getting your coffee and donut on.

Flowery, feathery headpiece!

Nobody gets a free pass at this wedding. Even the kids have jobs.

The music, the lanterns, and now the photography? These are some talented youngsters.

Purple dresses, matching bouquets, and matching 1000-watt smiles. This is one joyful photograph.

Here's a really good look at their pretty accessories. Headbands, fascinator, and gorgeous jewelry.

And they're off to party. I'm loving the little butterfly fans I spy in the crowd of guests.

More butterflies in the form of sweet little paper lanterns.

Ooh bouquet close-up! Super-saturated color is fantastic.

Wedding toasts plus funky drawn backdrops make my day! It's like the drawn trees grow into real trees at the top.

Cupcakes alone are great. But cupcakes with pinwheels and whirly gigs? Get in line, bub.

The closer you squish in, the more love there is.

PHOTOBOMB! This kid must be really on the move to be caught in mid-air like that. And seriously? That building is so pretty.

I can feel the love tonight. Erica said of the couple, "They have gone above and beyond what we photographers would consider great clients and have entered the rare realm of perfect clients!" D'aww. If you want more of this colorful and urban soiree, head on over to Erica Camille Productions.

  1. I …..LOVE…..PURPLE!! These ladies lived it up and look amazing. The whole thing is beautiful. Congrats to them ^_^

  2. Looks like SO MUCH FUN! I love that they got the kids to work. Kids love the feeling of being a part of the big day. Incorporating their talents is that much sweeter. What a smart, crafty couple!

  3. Hey, all,
    It was an absolute THRILL having extraordinary Erica Camille photograph our wedding. We knew the instant we started looking at her website that she had just the kind of original, artistic eye we were hoping to find. She so kindly described us above as the "perfect client" and she was definitely the perfect photographer! 🙂 We are forever grateful for our photos.

  4. Congrats!! The purple is so lovely as well as all of the beautiful setting in its entirety. Yay for you and Yay for Brooklyn! (I'm an ex-New Yorker!)

    Much happiness to you both!

  5. I love the colors and the mega-watt smiles, but Photobomb Kid made me laugh out loud!

    Lovely stuff – all the best to the beautiful brides 🙂

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