Elegant purple wedding with a SHOULDER CORSAGE!

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 | Photography by Lily Guillen Photo

Attention, everyone! This was Lily Guillen Photo‘s first styled session and we believe it deserves a standing ovation. We are swooning over every inch of this purple wedding theme, from that gorgeous dress to the purple wedding bouquet all the way to the super affordable Amazon wedding suit find. And you know, we don't see a lot of shoulder corsages but after this shoot, we demand more!

We especially love that Lily worked with a real lesbian couple, Elley and Tiffanie, who had already been married for five years. If the stars hadn't already aligned to make this the sweetest session ever, Elley and Tiffanie also had a purple wedding theme at their wedding. What a beautiful coincidence!

Lily said:

This was the first styled session I ever did, and I knew I wanted to work with a real couple to make meaningful photos. Elley + Tiffanie were very willing to wear whatever we wanted, but I wanted them to feel like themselves. That meant having Elley in a big dress and Tiffanie in a “men's” suit. It's more valuable to have people be comfortable and feel like themselves, even for a styled session, than to add to the fakeness that we traditionally see in wedding media.

Enough from us! Let's dive into this dreamy purple wedding theme.

Which do you love more? The super-affordable purple wedding suit from Amazon, or the shoulder corsage?

How gorgeous is this purple wedding dress?!

This purple floral bouquet is giving sweet sorbet vibes.

We're still not over how this real couple had a purple wedding theme at their actual wedding.

COME ON! This purple wedding theme just SUITS them (no pun intended).

Even this cake understood the purple wedding assignment.

This purple wedding theme is pure heart eyes.

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