Anli & Laura's Lesbian Gamer Geek Wedding

Updated Jun 23 2021
Photos by: Julie Clyde Photography
Photos by Photo by Julie Clyde Photography

The offbeat bride: Anli, data analyst

Her offbeat partner: Laura, public servant

Location & date of wedding: The Old Stone House, NSW Australia — 5 September 2009



What made our wedding offbeat: We wanted a ceremony that reflected our geeky, romantic, pink aesthetic, while at the same time being profound and meaningful.

Our ceremony was themed around the video game Portal and the anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena.

We incorporated lots of geeky details, from the table names (Revolution, Sierra, Katara and GLaDOS) to the choice of music.

We also kept several traditional elements such as bouquets, dresses and bridesmaids. However, we both walked down the aisle unaccompanied and skipped the garter/bouquet toss.

I DIY'ed many details, including bouquets, centrepieces, bonbons, stationery and my hand-embellished corset, skirts, petticoat and detachable train.


Because our wedding was so small, we skipped having a dance floor and invited guests to games of Lupus In Tabula after dinner. Our cake and bonbon were companion-cube shaped. We played Rock Band instead of having a Hens Night. And we walked down the aisle to an obscure piece of music from Utena.

Companion Cube cake. Photo by Julie Clyde Photography.

Because we can't legally be wed in Australia, we had a good friend officiate and he did a great job. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Years later, once the laws changed, these two DID get legally married!]



We kept our vows secret from one another until the night before, but somehow both of us managed to discuss Laura's fear of spiders in each of our vows.

Many of our friends very kindly offered their support and help, from playing violin at the ceremony, setting up decorations, making sure we were fed, proof-reading our vows, driving us around before the day and looking after our cats.

We also both wore dresses, although we didn't keep our dresses secret; we had photo shoots together before the ceremony and even got dressed in the same room!

Laura kept her pink hair, I kept my glasses on through all the photos and we posed with Nintendo DS consoles.



Our biggest challenge: We were engaged for almost two years and picked our venue a year and a half in advance. Closer to the date, we were unsure whether the site vendors understood our vision for the day as we had originally discussed. We were very concerned about having adequate heating as many guests would be traveling in from a warmer state. We also had problems with not being able to order the correct furniture that we originally wanted.

Photo by Julie Clyde Photography.

With some good communication, we were able to sort out our issues. And the venue was set up mostly as we had originally envisaged. It helped that our vendors were very patient and understanding people. We needed to get confirmation on details early on as it really made the process less stressful.

We also made contingency plans (for example, seeking alternative sources for furniture and decorations) which we, fortunately, did not have to use.

My favorite moment: Laura's favourite moment was watching me walk down the aisle towards her while our lovely friend Katherine played Hikari Sasu Niwa on violin. We had decided she would go first as during the rehearsal I felt really nervous being the first in line. However, during the ceremony I read my vows first.

My favourite moment was the sunset photoshoot after the ceremony. I felt much more relaxed after everything had worked out really well and we had a lovely romantic walk together at the bottom of the garden and had some time alone with one another and our discreet photographer, Julie Clyde.

My offbeat advice: Our advice is to really spend some serious time with one another discussing your direction for your ceremony and the kind of vows that you want to make. We spent a lot of time developing our vows and had great input from some of our friends, which we highly recommend seeking if you can.

Also, if you're going the DIY route, try to have everything done at least a month in advance. I was still altering dresses (which was unplanned for) on the week of the wedding which wasn't fun at all given that we had international and interstate guests to entertain and an international honeymoon to prepare for.

Care to share a few vendor links?

  • Anli's cream knitted bolero – Trendy Knitting
  • Anli's dress – hand made, fabric sources included Silk Baron, House Fabric, and Exclusive Silks
  • Laura's pink & cream dress – Raylia Designs
  • Bridesmaids' dresses – Style Shake
  • Venue – The Old Stone House (NSW, Australia)
  • Catering – Le Tres Bon (French)
  • Cake – Amelia's Cakes, Page ACT Australia
  • Photography – Capturing Essence


    • =))) дааа это точно прекрасно)) Yes! Beautiful ))
      Любовь это всегда хорошо в независимости от пола и это чувство вечно )))

  1. Oh my god, I am a HUGE Utena fan, and these girls are so beautiful and in love i'm basically a Monday Morning puddle of sappy goo at my desk. Congratulations!

  2. This is one of the most beautiful and unique weddings I've ever seen – and while Anli looks simply gorgeous, I am completely and utterly coveting Laura's look. Congratulations ladies! 🙂

  3. What a great way to start my day! I love how YOU your wedding was. All of your sweet touches are stunning and OMG the dresses – Great advice about the vows…your vows are the foundation of it all and the reason for the entire event. Any chance you'll share those sweet vows somewhere? Cheers to you both and to a lifetime of creativity and fun!

  4. Congratulations! What a thoughtful wedding.
    Your offbeat advise is on my OBT page. I really like your advise about the "…direction for your ceremony" and "…if you're going the DIY route, try to have everything done at least a month in advance."

  5. Congrats, Ladies. You both look a-mazing! The shot of you two holding hands on the swing looks like something out of a shojo manga. Many years of happiness to you both! 🙂

  6. You ladies are just absolutely beautiful. And I love the colour palette – so tasteful and feminine yet reflecting your interests!

  7. Congratulations! Your wedding looks so stunning and lovely. And I love the dresses! Anli, I really admire you for making your own dress. I can't decide whether to make my dress or not, mostly because I'm worried I won't have it done in time, or I'll be too much of an anal perfectionist and not be happy with it. Great job on making such a breathtakingly beautiful dress! Did you have or use any patterns for inspiration?

    • Hi and thanks so much for your comments! I wrote more about the dress on this community:… The top skirt was based from a Truly Victorian pattern (I don't have the number with me, but it was an assymetrical pleated skirt) but I didn't use commercial patterns for the other parts. I am really glad that I made my own dress but time is a serious factor – I had a long engagement and sewed for most of it. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  8. Best. Wedding. Ever! I'm so happy to see this! I love anime, and Utena makes me squee! It's so gorgeous, especially your dresses and the companion cube cake which is the best inside joke EVER.

  9. AMAZING photos! Truly a beautiful wedding – Congrats ladies!!
    I only have one question: WHERE DID LAURA GET HER SHOES?!!!!

    • Thankyou so much for your kind comments!
      My shoes are Ballerina Rocking Horse Shoes 🙂
      The Originals are by Vivienne Westwood, but several other brands sell them in various colours. Lolita Lolas and Double Decker are the most well known.
      This link has loads of great information on the different styles and brands. 🙂

    • I decorated my DS using deco parts I got from Strapya world (I dont know if links are allowed here but you should be able to google it.) If you do this though i would recommend that you use a clear plastic case to decorate as opposed to the actual DS ^^; The glue is really temperamental :).

  10. AWESOME! It's like girly overload and it works. So many gorgeous shades of pink. Love the DS ring shot. The dresses are, as my husband put it, "pretty fucking awesome!" Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  11. I love everything about this wedding. It was so gorgeous! And I have a Portal cake topper but now I so want mini companion cube cakes.

  12. OHMAIGAWD~ Rocking Horse Shoes? <3333333
    And the others are Anna House, right? Are you ladies on EGL by chance? <333

    The deco'd DS's are awesome, by the by. You're wedding looks beautiful! And I love how geeky and awesome it was! Geek chic! <3

    • Thanks, I'm in love with my rocking horse shoes! I'm on EGL but just lurk. 🙂 Nice spotting with the Anna House shoes!

      • Well, this makes me confident on wearing my rocking horse shoes for my wedding! ^^

        Congrats again! <3

  13. O_O I sort of really love Shoujo Kakumei Utena…and this is amazing. I really got the whole Utena feel out of it, but it was still really classic and beautiful!! The fact that you used the Sunlit Garden song…I KNEW that was what it was going to be that song as soon as I clicked on the profile for this wedding, and I SQUEEEed in happiness. I love it. This is my favorite.

  14. Such an awesome wedding! Congratulations ladies ^^
    This is the best wedding ever, I am in tears. Your dresses are gorgeous. You are a lucky couple.

  15. Best… Wedding… Ever! The both of you and your Maids of Honor are stunning, your guests were lucky to be able to attend such a unique and amazing event and from the pictures… it seems to be one of the few Weddings I'd wished I HAD been able to attend. Good Luck and Best Wishes to you both!

  16. Aw, so cute. I know the girls who got married (I used to date the maid of honor who is second from the right in the DS photo) and they are lovely

  17. Congratulations to the both of you!

    It looks like it was a beautiful day and that you are both very much in love.

    The very best wishes to you as you share your lives with each other. =)

  18. Just saw the link to this on Kotaku. Beautiful and awesome all at the same time.

    Congratulations to you both =)

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