This LEGO wedding bouquet has hidden minifigs

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Photo by Allison and Geoff Conklin

We've posted before about hiding things in your bouquet (sparkly spiders? memorial charms honoring loved ones?), but you can also sneak your favorite flavor of geeky hobby in there, like Rose did here…

Rose hid a couple Star Wars LEGO minifigs in her bouquet…

As Rose told us:

The LEGO elements were all of my childhood LEGOs, plus LEGO mini-figs from the many, many Star Wars LEGO sets that decorate our house. Every one of our family members was assigned a unique mini-fig for their bouquet or boutonniere. My little cousins probably permanently borrowed the ones that are still unaccounted for… which includes the Wampa that was on our cake.

In this shot, you can see the lego bouquet Rose made for her mother, complete with its R2D2 minifig.

In other words: These ARE the lego wedding bouquets you're looking for…

For more photos, be sure to check Rose & Nick's bookish nerds know how to party wedding.

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