So you're having a Lego cake-topper. Or maybe your groom made himself Lego cuff-links. Regardless, you're thinking to yourself, “Self, what's the DIY perfect wedding favor to go with these Legos?”

Answer: Chocolate Legos!

OBT member Shandriz made these for her wedding, simply by pouring melted chocolate into a Lego ice tray. So easy! So DIY! So very Lego!

Comments on Lego chocolate favors

  1. I am totally stealing this ever-so-perfect idea!! (Weekend agenda: 1: Purchase thank you cards; 2: Trip to Downtown Disney’s Lego Store!)

  2. I can’t help but brag about my hubby’s 1st anniversay gift to me a few years ago: he took one of our wedding photos and made it into a lego mosaic (photo here: — looks kind of funny close up but step back and there we are)! He didn’t build it (because he knew I’d want to help do that), but created a blueprint and bought all of the bricks. We then put it together paint-by-numbers style. It was possibly the Best Gift Ever.

  3. I might have to make some of these Lego chocolates for my husband… Maybe I can even do colors!

  4. That’s awesome! My fiance and I love LEGOs (we have a side table made out of them in our den) and this would be a great thing to incorporate into our “anything we like goes” wedding.

    Also, to commenter Cathy, that’s an AWESOME anniversary gift and bonus points to him for knowing you’d want to help put it together. I might steal that idea, too!

  5. When the link said “Lego Cuff Links”, I was expecting the little blocks. Using actual Lego people for cuff links is an AWESOME idea.

    Essentially, anything that involves Legos is awesome, so I love the idea of chocolate Legos, Jello Legos, Lego pictures… all of it!

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