Check out Tribe member SamIAm Lego boutonnieres that she DIY'd for all the groomsman, the groom, and their dads!


They're pretty freaking cool, huh!? Yeah, they're even cuter close up. Oh, did I say “cuter?” I meant freaking bad freaking ASS!

SDC10756I love the best man's boutonniere — Indie Lego for the win!

This is the groom's boutonniere — all he asked for was “a General.”

Samantha even made Lego boutonnieres for their dads as well…
Both the dads have the same Lego guy, but with the hat's plumage going in the opposite direction.

I love this idea, I love Lego and I love crafty OBBs!

Comments on Lego boutonnieres

  1. These are obsolutely cute and a great idea! I love them! Then again who doesn’t love Lego 🙂

  2. I spot a wizard.

    Wizards give any wedding a plus five to awesomeness. True story.

    I want to high five this lady.

  3. These are fantastic. We’re actually doing something similar, except with mini dinos. rawr.

  4. Ooooooh my gosh, I wish I’d thought of this for our wedding last year! Hubby is basically a big kid and still gets excited about Legos. Love it!

  5. I see like a bronze wire…what’s behind that. Amazing! Step by step please!

  6. Man!
    I was so busy around the end of July I TOTALLY missed this post! Just saw it today! Sweet! Thanks for all the comments and compliments…etsy shop…..not a bad idea! I never thought anybody would get *that much* of a kick out of ’em.

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