There now exists such a thing as Legend of Zelda wedding wedges

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What happens when a nerdy offbeat bride meets an Etsy seller who customizes shoes? You get these amazing Legend of Zelda wedding wedges.

Rampagingcoconut explains how this amazingness happened:

I wanted to get wedges because the wedding's outside and the ground is very, very soft. Then I came across Etsy seller BBEE and I instantly knew what I wanted to do for my wedding shoes. I found a pair of white wedges on Ebay (Do you know how hard it is to find plain white wedges without a peep toe? Pretty darn hard.), had them sent to her, and a few months later I have these wonderful shoes.

Now here's a 360 degree view for those who want their eyeballs to fall out of their skull because they just committed suicide, because the thought that they will never see anything cooler than this was too much for them to bear.

I apologize for any permanent eyeball damage, but I did warn you that these were REALLY effing cool. Thanks, Rampagingcoconut, for letting us collectively ogle your wedding wedges.

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  1. Omgaw, I could totally do this! I painted some boots in high school:

    But to paint my own wedding shoes? I never thought of it. I must do it noow. Of course, nothing I do could possibly be as gorgeous as those fantastic Zelda wedges, but they probably cost around $300*. e_e My shoe budget is like fifty bucks.

    *Websites says it’s $160 to have custom shoes you send in (not counting what you pay to ship them). Still too much for meeee.

  2. holy wow thats some hand painting and i just went to the artists website and it said shes 16! amazing

  3. Oh those are the awesomest shoes ever!! I am so jealous! lol You can tell that the artist put a lot of effort into painting them – very well done 🙂

  4. i cen’t decide if i’d never take them off, or never put them on! I wouldn’t want to wreck them, but i wouldn’t want to hide them in my closet either. What a cool thing 🙂 If her SHOES are this awesome, i can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding. 😉

  5. This is awesome. The artist is so talented and I agree, I’m not sure I could wear these! I would be afraid to get them dirty! Definitely a piece of art that deserves to be on display after the wedding day.

  6. I absolutely love these shoes! The legend of zelda has been one of my most favorite games to play ever and these shoes just made my jaw drop. I am so jealous! =)

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