Rustic, DIYed, Le Temps du Sucre-inspired invitations suites

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Since I was born in Quebec, a tradition that is very dear to me is sugaring off. Sugaring off (Les temps du sucre) takes place late February to the end of March. It's when everyone goes to the Sugar Shack (Cabane a Sucre) to eat a ridiculous amount of food and sweets, ride the horse drawn sleigh and dance to the fiddle well into the night. I want my wedding to capture the warmth and simple joy of sugaring off.

Look and lust over theses adorable, rustic wedding invitation suites created by graphic designer, Kaitlin, using Adobe Illustrator, a laser printer, and recycled kraft paper:

Gotta love DIYed, pseudo-bi-lingual wedding invitations that look this amazing and involve wild raccoons!

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Comments on Rustic, DIYed, Le Temps du Sucre-inspired invitations suites

  1. GORGEOUS!!!!! Love the pink envelopes with the craft paper, and that is a great use of MOO cards. Well done!

    • Thank you so much! The envelopes are actually red, the last picture shows their true colour the most accurately! My camera seems to pick up the colour really oddly. In another photo, people were asking if they were orange!

      I love MOO cards, I’ve used them so many times for so many purposes!

      • Hi Kaitlin – I’m wondering, did you use the Kraft Brown paper, or the Taupe Brown? I really love the color combination you have going on here!

  2. So many gret things to say!
    I love the fonts you picked and the overall look of your invitations!
    And just last night I was talking about using the full French répondez s’il vous plaît in lue of RSVP. I think the full phrase is delightful.

  3. Hi Kaitlin!

    Absolutely ADORE your invites! I bet your wedding will be just as delightful! I’m wondering if you would be so kind as to share what fonts you used?


    • Thank you! I bought all of the materials online. I bought the envelopes from and the kraft paper I got at The little cards with our engagement pictures on them are from The baker’s twine I bought off Ebay.

  4. Thanks for the info! I had one more question about your invite. Did you have to find a program to do the different fonts and what was it?

    • Hi there! I used Illustrator to design the layout. You could probably use a free program like GIMP to make something similar, I just prefer using Illustrator for type layouts.

  5. My fiancé and I love these invitations. Could you tell us where to get them made at or any other information on them?

    • Hi there! I made these invitations myself using materials I bought online (see above comment), Adobe Illustrator and my regular laser printer. Feel free to contact me via email if you would like any more help! 🙂

  6. Hey Megan,
    Like everyone I love your invitations! I admire your patience with all of the detail put into it. I have a question as far as the fonts go. What version of Illustrator do you have? I have CS5 but I don’t have any fonts that you mentioned besides Rosewood. Where would I go to find the others that you mentioned? Again, your invitations look awesome. I’m making mine as well since I can’t find any where that has what I like and after all if you want something done right; you do it yourself. Thanks for your time!
    Desiree` 🙂

    • @ Desiree, Those fonts can typically be downloaded FOR FREE online, I know has some of what Megan used. Install is just a click, I would recommend looking up font install instructions for your computer type via Google.

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