Layer Cake Super 8 wedding films — now on the East Coast!

Updated Oct 12 2015
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1.jpgRemember Layer Cake Films, the awesome Super 8 wedding video company from Los Angeles?

Well, good news for my East Coast brides! Michelle, the adorable cup-cake loving founder of Layer Cake, is moving back East in March. When I asked Michelle why she was moving, she simply said, "I can't take LA anymore." As someone who lasted only a year living in LA, I hear ya, girl.

Anyway, Michelle's relocation means that — while she can travel where-ever you need her — she's extra available to shoot weddings in:

2.jpg• New York City
• Washington DC
• Philadelphia
• Baltimore
• Asheville & Charlotte, North Carolina

6.jpgThere's still a team of amazing Layer Cake shooters staying in LA, so us Left Coasters can still get in on the action … but if you're on the East Coast (especially New York!) you've got easy, local access to one bad-ass videographer.

Ooh, and remember that Layer Cake Films does a 5% discount for Offbeat Brides. Just mention you saw the ad here, and reap the sweet rewards.

  1. Michelle,

    I would really love to have you shoot my wedding. Your work is so artistic, so non-cheesy. Would you come to Block Island… please?

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