The offbeat bride: Anke

Her offbeat partner: Dave

Location & date of wedding: Las Vegas, Nevada, A Special Memory Chapel — October 21st, 2009

What made our wedding offbeat: First, excuse me for my bad English, we come from germany.

My hubby and I didn't ever want a “normal” wedding with a meringue colored dress and those embarassing games with our wedding party. In fact, we never wanted to marry because everlasting happiness can be there without certificates.

But one day I asked Dave to marry me in Las Vegas — and so we decided to run away and fly to the USA!

We had some wonderful days and a really crazy wedding. Elvis came as our witness and even sang us our favourite songs. Our wedding pictures are amazing, and if I could make a wish, I would book another flight for tonight so we could do all that crazy stuff again!

Our biggest challenge: Our biggest challenge was to get along with each other. *hehe*

DSC_0976Dave has never been an easy person, had really big problems with his former girlfriends and often projected that on me when times were not as good as we wished for. Our daily work meant, from these days on, to understand each other a little more and backing down more often than we were used to.

He gave me hold when I got disappointed from my family (I have always been the “black sheep” and never the way my family wanted me to be, got pregnant without being married and so on) and made me stronger every day. Our union became indestructible.

My favorite moment: That was when we said our wedding vows. I´ve never seen Dave that “soul-naked.” And his words came directly from his heart, even the words that were predefined.

We promised to renew our wedding every five years in Vegas, but I don't think I will take that long to book a flight back. We plan our summer and fall vacations in Nevada. This time with our daughter.

My offbeat advice: Don't think about what other members of your family could say or think. This is the fucking best day of your life and no one has the right to straddle in-between. Don't just bear that mommy wants to do the decoration for the room or aunt Wendy doesn't want to sit next to cousin Charlie. That is YOUR day and who can't get along with it can stay at home. ;o)

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Comments on Anke & Dave’s rock-n-roll, Las Vegas elopement… with Elvis

  1. yay anke! you know i looooove the pics, and the dress, and your hair, and vegas and elvis! 😉

  2. Liebe Anke & Dave,

    What a cute & hot & trendy couple you are! I wish you all health, wealth & happiness in your new life together!

    Tschuessi 😉 Eliza

  3. I really appreciate what Anke had to say about their greatest challenge and offbeat advice! The wedding is one day-every five years in Vegas, of course-but, ideally, a marriage is an 'indestructible union'. The Moms, Aunts Wendy, and Cousins Charlie can go fuck themselves if they don't get that.

  4. Just fab! Love the matching outfits.

    Also just want to say thank you for the advice too. I'm getting married on 1st May and so far all the planning etc has been so much fun and everyone has been great and supportive. That is until this weekend when I find out my dad's side of the family because my cousins (who I barely know and only see every couple of years) are only invited to the evening do. Now all of that side, including my Grandparents, aren't coming because of this and I spent all of yesterday being upset. Your comments about family just made me take stock and realise what it is all about- Thomas and myself being in love and wanting to share that with people who are genuinely happy for us, not spiteful family members! Thank you for that, I feel much better! And big congratulations x

  5. You two are such a sexy couple! You compliment each other so well! The pictures were awesome!!!Congratulations!

  6. I think your English is wonderful 🙂 You make a beautiful couple and I love how honest and true your posting is. Thank you for the advice and good luck to you in your new life!

  7. Oh my god, I think I love you a little bit Anke!! Your english translated things more perfectly than you know! Congratulations!!!

  8. I thought Special Memories Wedding Chapel looked familiar – I used to live like 2 doors down next to a little Italian place!

    You two are smoking hot! Best wishes!

  9. Love this. And I know just what you mean about a bit of a difficult guy but being there when you got pregnant and loving you and both of you learning how to let go a bit and back down and put each other first – it's a wonderful thing. I've never commented on this site before but I just want you to know how great this is and how happy I am for you guys and for me – I'm marrying my baby daddy in September and I can't wait!!!!

  10. This is gorgeous, and I love the phrase 'soul-naked', it's brilliant, and I love your story, this makes me feel really happy to read! Oh and your English is amazing!

  11. AMAZING! you look stunning and your groom is great too! I love the dress and shoes..great pics

  12. Your English is amazing–better than we speak it! And yes, I think you and your husband are the textbook definition of 'smoking hot.' Viva Las Vegas indeed.

  13. You both look absolutely stunning! As a Las Vegas native (and OBB member) I can honestly say you totally pulled off a "Las Vegas" wedding…but better! Congratulations!!! 😀

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