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Our offbeat grooms come in all shapes and sizes and we wouldn't want it any other way. In fact, our groom gear tag should be great fodder for some personal fap boards on Pinterest. But one post in particular sparked a great comment from reader Sillygirl:

This is all lovely for guys who can pull off the skinny-as-a-rail look, but I have a rather big guy who is not built for vests, and jackets are tough. Ideas?

We decided to dig into our archives for groom (and androgynous) styles that can work on all body types. Note: not all of these men are above average size, but they are all wearing styles that are big and tall-friendly.


I don't see one dude here at Ricard and Marica's wedding that doesn't look amazing in his jacket. There are a few things you can do to make jackets work well on larger frames. Look for slightly squared shoulders, which will balance you out. Two- and three-button blazers have an elongating effect, which will make you look taller and more streamlined. Side vents in the back of the jacket will give you a little more wiggle room too (since you might end up boogie-ing down, right?) And lastly, empty your pockets of bulky items like cell phones and overstuffed wallets.

[related-post align=”right”]Sweaters and sweater vests are usually a super comfortable alternative to jackets, and a v-neck especially puts the focus on your upper chest. This includes cardigans! Wear them, love them, send me photos.

thank you 2

Dylan and his groomsmen chose pinstriped suits, which matched the Roaring '20s theme and made them all look super snazzed up.

Sarah's groom Ross chose a jacket with squared shoulders that fits him really well. Don't be tempted to get a baggy jacket or you'll end up looking a little ruffled.


Laura's groom Sam went for broke by choosing this amazing greatcoat. It fit their theme and his physique perfectly.


Photo Session _MG_6725

Jo and Dan are on the kilt bandwagon and so am I… to say the least. All three of these guys look amazing.


Anne wore a kilt at her and Meghan's wedding too, which shows this style works on everyone!

Jason seeing his bride for the first time

Jason and Sheila had a Medieval-style wedding, so his flowy shirt, corduroy kilt, leather vest, belt, and bracers are a total win. More proof: Ariel and Dre know this look works for everyone. HOT!


Daniel and Sauce are both rocking matching ultra-colorful suspenders and bow ties. Don't be afraid of wearing bright or light colors. As long as it fits you well, it will work. If you're still not sure, keep bright colors and patterns isolated to your accessories.

The Wedding

Natalie's groom Nick proves that cream is the new black. There is no reason to limit your choices to only dark colors, especially when your partner is also embracing fabulous colors.


I am loving Jim's goldenrod tan suit at his and Megan's wedding. Plus, the vest + lots of buttons combination is bound to win the day.

Costume, Steampunk, and Renaissance weddings


If you're planning a Renaissance wedding, you basically hit the jackpot for awesome garb for larger guys. Corseted arms and legs, tall boots, flowing tops, lots of vests… there is a lot that can work for you. Ashley and Justin both looked era-appropriate.


Their groomsmen wore these lace-up peasant-style shirts, which look totally comfortable and a little pirate-y.


Evangeline and Corey's garb was modeled after 10th Century Norse Vikings, whose long, belted style seems to work on all body types.

8x10 Bride and Groom Full Length to Print

Shannon and Tim had a steampunk theme, and the long coat and vest combination looks fabulous on Tim. I love the belt detail too.

The guys

If none of our options feel like a fit, try throwing on an accessory and rocking the shit out of it, like these hats at Katie and Kellan's wedding.

Are you an offbeat groom or a partner looking to kit out your larger groom? We want TIPS!

Comments on Brawny, stout, or burly: larger grooms look HOT

  1. The most important thing is that fit clothes fit well. A guy’s clothes should be altered just like a lady’s dress. My partner is on the larger side, but has very broad shoulders and chest, and a comparatively narrow waist, so shirts HAVE to be tailored to look good. Also, square shouldered jackets for the win! That’s totally what makes his suit look amazing. I’m definitely a fan of larger guys in good suits that fit them well. It’s just so dashing.

    • Off-the-peg suits almost always need extra tailoring – even on the mannequins, they sometimes need pinning up and around. Sadly most guys won’t sit still very long, or be patient/picky enough to get the alterations done (I know most Irish guys are…), but it does make a huge difference. My guy’s been trained well – I’ve frantically sewn a costume for him that fitted much better than the one I’d forgotten to pack, so he knows how to stand still and avoid getting stuck with a pin. 🙂
      Also, he was a groomsman for his best man so he understands how it works now. I thought he looked great in a waistcoat/vest, but he’s a little conscious about his belly – which isn’t even that big, but meh. I’ve told him I’ll take it and stuff it into my bra! :p

  2. YAY! For my husband and his men as the top photo 🙂 He loved the outfit he picked out for all of them and they were comfy all day long!

  3. I had the opposite problem. My husband is a little dude, and often Mens “small” suits make him look like a kid wearing his dad’s clothes. I was especially set against a suit jacket, and we eventually decided on the vest-only look. We got the vest taken in for a good snug fit, and he ended up looking sharp instead of shabby. Phew.

  4. I always appreciate you guys’ commitment to awesome weddings with people of all sizes and shapes. 🙂

  5. My incredibly cute husband is fairly short and a “lil’bitfat” in the belly area. He hates wearing jackets because he feels like they always make him look shorter and wider, since he usually has to go up a size in the shoulder to accommodate his deliciously chubby belly. For our wedding, we bought him a three-piece suit that fit well in the vest, and had the pants and jacket taken in a little. The jacket isn’t my favorite thing, or his (so he didn’t wear it, but it’s not a bad idea to have a dark suit around for a funeral or a hit man costume), but the vest looked great and was very slimming. It made him look streamlined and hellla cute.

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