Photo by Tinywater
Photo by Tinywater

We've featured tons of non-floral bouquet alternatives, but here's one alternative I think we'll be seeing more of in the future: Rachael's bridesmaids carried red glass lanterns instead of bouquets … and the result was stunning!

Rachel had a TON of great details at her red & black wedding. Check out all the photos here

Comments on Lanterns instead of bouquets

  1. Such a beautiful idea! I'm obsessed with those lanterns and have been dying to create a boudoir area filled with about 20 of them…

  2. I can only say – WOW? WOW, WOW. Absolutely great. I also had a black wedding, but this is stunning.

  3. I am doing this too, but my lantern is more plain. Am trying to work out how to get a really bright light in there instead of a candle.. any ideas?

  4. Also, a quick google search will reveal a few different brands of electric candles.. my favourites being remote control electric candles. I don't have the link now, but found an LED candle, remote controlled, that is made from real wax, so the light effect is much the same as a real candle. Great in lanterns, or on their own.

    I was very happy to see this article as my bride to be and I are planning using lanterns, fairy lights, and branches instead of flowers, throughout the wedding.

    • LOL. I didn't actually carry a lantern, but instead walked my dog and I doubt she wanted to be thrown. Plus she's about 60lbs and I probably couldn't throw her that far.

  5. I’m doing lanterns for my bridal party. They’re cheaper than bouquets, and you get to keep them!

  6. I’ve been planning to use a Lantern because of Diogenes and his belief that his lantern would light when he met an honest man.
    So I got mine at Ikea on the after the holiday sales it sits in my closet waiting to be painted and adorned.

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