9 kitschy wedding recipes to steal from Charles Phoenix’s test kitchen

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All photos courtesy of CharlesPhoenix.com
All photos courtesy of CharlesPhoenix.com

The holidays, they encroach. Like the engagement ring commercials in November, the over-the-top recipes of my favorite hero of kitsch, Charles Phoenix, start popping up all over the internet and morning TV shows. If you haven't heard of Charles Phoenix, maybe you have heard of his chermpumple — the turducken of desserts? It's a three-layer cake with a cherry, pumpkin, and apple pie stuffed in each layer.

Wouldn't that be amazing at your wedding? Screw pie or cake — have both!

Here are even more awesome kitschy wedding food ideas from Charles Phoenix's test kitchen

1. Tequila-soaked Peep-stuffed broken-bunny cake for your colorful Spring-time wedding

2. “I love you” meatloaf for your potluck wedding in the park

3. Cream-soaked cookie cake for your punch and cake reception

4. Tiki turkey dinner for your vintage Hawaiian luau wedding


5. Psychedelic Halloween candy cake for your '60s or candy-themed wedding

6. Flying fried chicken birthday bucket bouquet for as edible centerpieces for your BBQ wedding


7. The “inchezonya” — Enchilada and lasagna married at last, just like you!

8. Astro weenie ball as appetizers for your casual cocktails reception


9. Of course The Cherpumple for any fucking wedding any fucking time!

What are your favorite kitschy wedding recipes? We have a bunch over on Offbeat Home & Life. But can we steal them from you too?

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