Kitschy fun “just married” dress embroidery for your honeymoon outfit

Guest post by Hellojodi

just married 002My beloved and I are getting married, and stop #1 on the honeymoon is Niagara Falls. It'll be one kitsch-infused road trip, so I wanted something that was retro, kitschy, fun, and just special to wear for the honeymoon.

I recently picked up embroidery and LOVE IT. (It is like the craft equivalent of coloring in a coloring book.) I mostly just embroider onto apparel, and had a light bulb moment — embroider something for my honeymoon outfit.

I can't draw, so I found a pattern I liked online. I originally wanted a “Just Married” banner with cans and stuff on the back of a skirt to wear on our honeymoon, but I couldn't find something already done. So being a full-fledged member of the Half-Assed Craft Society, I found this pattern and said “Good enough!” then added text in a font I liked, and our wedding date:

Then I went to — where else? — the thrift store and found the perfect skirt. Well, my definition of perfect: it fit and was 75% off that day so it cost 50 cents. I reversed and printed the image and traced over it with a transfer pen. It didn't take very long and I really love it.

If only all wedding planning was this enjoyable. I suppose next I need to start monogramming my lingerie?

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Comments on Kitschy fun “just married” dress embroidery for your honeymoon outfit

  1. I LOVE it. I have also recently picked up embroidery. It’s the perfect TV-watching, keep-the-hands-busy craft.

    Also, I am now in love with the phrase “Half-Assed Craft Society.” Hilarious.

    • I’m a member of the sister society, the half-assed aka lazy chic diy society

    • I can’t take credit for this phrase: it was the brain child of my co-matrons of honor. I’m half-assed fashion, one is half-assed food and the other is half-assed decor. The plan was to have a blog that showed a photo of what we intended to make with a photo of what was ACTUALLY made next to it. Unsurprisingly, we never got this blog started.

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