Jennifer & Hugo’s kilted, hardcore, tattoo, veggie wedding

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The offbeat bride: Jennifer, Account Manager- Printing Company

Her offbeat partner: Hugo, Assistant Studio Manager- Ad Agency

Location & date of wedding: Church: OLPH, Lindenhurst, NY. Hall: Larkfield Manor, E. Northport, NY — August 14, 2009

What made our wedding offbeat: The first thing we decided on is that the entire menu would be vegetarian. This scared some people, including my mother, but at the end of the day everyone loved it.

I always wanted a Scottish wedding with the men wearing kilts and bagpipers and since I was able to rustle myself up a nice Irish boy I was able to pull the whole thing off quite easily! As you can see from some of the photos… they were indeed wearing undies.

We made a donation in our guests honor to Farm Sanctuary as our favors.

Our biggest challenge: We insisted on a 100% vegetarian menu and there were a few people who had some strong opinions against it. We stuck to our guns and at the end of the day EVERYONE I talked to said their meals were delicious.


My favorite moment: Venetian Hour — an extra hour of dessert? Yes, please!

My offbeat advice: If theres something that you really want and people are giving you a hard time about it you need to remember it's YOUR day. I guarantee that the ones originally complaining are going to be your biggest fans in the end.

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Comments on Jennifer & Hugo’s kilted, hardcore, tattoo, veggie wedding

  1. The Irish wear kilts? Who knew! Always thought it was more of a Scottish thing.

  2. And where did you find your gorgeous dress? Everything about your wedding is so fantastic! Congratulations!

  3. Shame about the undies! My brothers-in-law wore them under their kilts at our Scottish wedding and we were so disappointed in them! But congratulations!

    • My husband went regimental for our Scottish wedding and it made for some very close calls during a couple pictures, like when he was untying my boots during the reception. Could have been quite the photo!

  4. the photogs are amazing! Definitely giggled at the "I wanted a Scottish wedding, so snagging me an Irishman was PERFECT!" lol, oh awesome 😀

  5. Your pictures are so classic looking. They have a very vintage feel to them. Looked like a fun wedding!

  6. Could you share your menu from the reception? I always am interested in what veggie items pleased a skeptical crowd! Your wedding looks like it was so beautiful and so much fun!

  7. Your wedding looked amazing and the pics are fabulous! I actually went to school at OLPH and my mom wants my wedding there as well. I'm a tattooed vegan myself, so I'm also interested in your menu and caterer if you can post it. Thanks and congratulations!

  8. I’d love to know what you did for a vegetarian menu – I would like to do the same!

  9. I’d also love to know the name of your caterer, getting married soon in LI and need lots of good veggie & vegan food!

  10. I love this so much!! It reminds me of a Dropkick video from a couple of years ago, that I always lusted my wedding could look like.

  11. Just saying..I love EVERYTHING about this wedding…so freakin adorable…tell your hubby to find me a cute irish guy hahahah 😉 no but really..I’ve been to scotland twice and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to marry a man in a kilt..and you’re freaking gorgeous I LOVED your dress it looks a lot like the one i have picked out thats hanging in my closet if i ever get hitched! 😉

  12. Hi veggie bride to be here with kilted groom! (Mine’s scottish) I was just going to ask, how easy was it for you guys to find veggie kilt stuff? I know sporrans etc are more common in faux fur now but we’re really struggling to find a kilt that doesn’t have leather straps (never mind finding it in his tartan etc) Any tips?

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