Cake-loving kids, herb centerpieces, and some bad-ass wedding parties

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photo by Rosalie Hincks Photography

Guys, the littlest wedding attendants at Kathleen's wedding have needs, too! These signs are a pretty adorable way to add some levity and get the kids involved. (The other sign reads "Hey Uncle Tommy, here comes your bride!") In addition to this bit of reader-submitted sweetness, we've got some actual cake (with geeky toppers!), a handfasting with lovely herb centerpieces, and a fair few wedding party shots. The Offbeat Bride Tribe, Flickr pool, and Pinterest were good to us this week.

Something Blue D & D
Tribesmaid Astrastarr's memorial on her bouquet also included her "something blue": a D10! Photo by Spectacle Photo

Star Trek cake Toppers
OH and check out their Star Trek cake toppers: Kirk and Uhura! Photo by Spectacle Photo

Jonathon, his officiant, and his groomsmen get all West Side Story on us. Photo by Jorie Tappa Photography

Not to be outdone by the groom's side, Jonathan's matching vest and bright shirt-wearing bride gets a little captain in her. I LOVE that she's wearing that outfit! Photo by Jorie Tappa Photography

Tribesmaid Spiralspeaker and her groom tie the knot during their handfasting. I love the way her dress frames that amazing tattoo. Photo by Knots & Tots Photography

herb centerpieces
Spiralspeaker also had super useful and pretty centerpieces that her mom made with herbs and a list of their magical properties. Photo by Knots & Tots Photography

Bridal Party
Sarah and Jon's wedding party looks rad together in their fashion shots. So much hotness. Photo by JBe Photography

Groomsman gifts!
One more shot of bad-assery: brass knuckle groomsmen gifts with their names engraved! Photo by JBe Photography

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  1. While I'm kind of over the little kids with signs, I absolutely adore the compilation photo of the wedding party for Sarah and Jon! I think it gives each party member a chance to display their unique personalities and gets away from the standard line up.

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