An outdoor Jewish dance-fest wedding in Kentucky

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Rachel and Joe share a passion for travel and other cultures. They chose to incorporate many of these multicultural elements into their wedding day, which was shot by Jessica Fey Photography in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. They worked with their officiant, Dr. Rick Axtell of Centre College to craft an amazing Jewish ceremony.

Rachel rocked this amazing pink, one-shoulder dress. They nixed a bouquet, a wedding party, and major cake cutting and just focused on celebrating their love with those who love them.

Check out these vintage-fabulous accessories! The pink + turquoise combo is awesome.

One tradition they kept was the traditional chuppah, which was a crisp white that looked beautiful against the natural background. Rachel and Joe spent the entire day together preparing the ceremony grounds at Shaker Village for their wedding.

Breaking the glass and kissing the bride. Mazel tov!

Rings with their names carved in them. D'awwwww!

In keeping with the outdoor ceremony, they had an ultra-clean look with gorgeous deep pink pansies and candles in their centerpieces.

Cheers to the horah! It looks like no mishaps were had in their traditional circle dance and chair lifts. Safety first, kids.

Some traditions were new to some people. Such as the “back that thang up” tradition. As you can see, some of the guests were already professionals.

Rachel gets center stage to strut her pink dress-wearing stuff. I love this shot since it also shows off a little chandelier in the corner! Chandeliers in tents are amazing.

I don't know how this cake porn got in here. But it's making me hangry!

This shot is classy. Austere, but kind of awesome too.

For more of this outdoor, dance-tastic wedding and the couple that made it happen, check out Jessica Fey's blog.

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  1. Wow, that picture with them on the men’s and women’s staircases is interesting on so many levels. Shakertown really is a lovely place to visit, let alone get married.

  2. I’m so excited to see this, since I now live in Lexington and know where all this stuff is! Shaker Village is so beautiful, and if I lived here when I got married, I think I would have definitely wanted to get married there. So, so gorgeous.

  3. I live in Lexington, too! I’m so glad to see a wedding featured from my area. Gorgeous!

    • Hi Ana! Rachel’s dress was pretty much full of amazeballness. She let me know that it is by Tadashi Shoji and that she bought it on

  4. Wow. I really, really love the uber-clean look of the tables and the chuppah. As someone who typical loves the country vintage look, this is really tempting (and probably cheaper)! Also, the dress is to die for.

    • Hi Dentata! The cake was pretty much yummy all around. I know it was an orange filling, but I couldn’t tell you anything more specific than that! It was sooooo goood though! 🙂

  5. I LOVE Shaker Village, what a great wedding day choice! And I love how simple they kept everything, it goes to shoe you don’t have to spend wads of cash on ridiculous flowers or accessories to have a great looking wedding.

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