Keeping up with Offbeat Bride: so many ways!

June 2 2009 | arielmstallings


For those of you who don't want to be old fashioned and type into your browser window every day, there are now a metric shit-ton of ways to keep up with Offbeat posts:

  1. Get your wedding fix tweeted to you via @offbeatbride on Twitter, where Offbeat Intern Megan tweets a link to each post and other interesting tidbits.
  2. Keep up by friending OBB on Facebook, with links to each post and little personal updates and gossip from me.
  3. For the Feed Reader geeks in the house, there's always RSS. If you've never heard of RSS before, it's awesome and will change the way you read blogs. This video gives you a great introduction.
  4. LiveJournal users can follow along on LJ, although sometimes (like today!) posts will get a little mangled by LJ's feed importer.
  5. Want to read on your mobile? I can do that!
  6. If you're mostly an email person, you can enter your email address below to get an email whenever the site is updated:

(By the way: I had an earlier version of an email subscription list … and the service I was using went kaput. Sadly, you'll need to sign up again if you want to continue reading updates. 🙁 )

  1. Brady, I noticed that when I opened my friends list this morning! LJ syndication sometimes reeeeeally doesn't like certain bits of code in my RSS feed.

    That said, I can't believe I left LJ off the list! Remedying now….

  2. When do we get an iPhone app or mobile enhanced website? I am always reading on my iPhone at night in bed.

  3. I love having OBB available on LJ! I will never again forget to check it or miss any updates. Thanks, Ariel!

    My only complaint is the posts are HUGE. LJ doesn't cut the feed at all so everything – all the text and pictures – are on my friends list. Is there a way the posts could be cut on LJ the way they are on OBB?

    • Unfortunately, lj's syndication doesn't give me any control over how the posts display … and it completely ignores the tag that inserts a jump-cut on So, not much I can do. 🙁

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