All credits for photography go to Kristin Shultz
All credits for photography go to Kristin Shultz

In keeping with today's gamer wedding theme, may I present to you the Katamari Damacy wedding of Aidra and Ernest. These two were married in Idaho, and clearly … the whole wedding party got in on the theme:

katamari damacy wedding party

katamari damacy bouts

katamari damacy cake

aidra and ernest

To see more amazing details click here.

PS: Many thanks to Adria & Ernest's friend Shiloh for submitting this.

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  1. I love Katamari Damacy! To dress up like Cousins must have been hilarious! :3

  2. I love this! Its so cute and katamari is such a great theme. I wonder how it tied into the bride and groom.. meeting maybe?

  3. THIS COUPLE IS AMAZING! The reason I first messaged my fiance on the dating site on which we met was because of a Katamari-related comment he made that I thought was cute, so this is especially adorable to me!

    Also, the bride’s dress is lovely.

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