Kat Von D got married and it's a decadent, macabre feast for the eyes

Guest post by Caroline Diezyn

We asked former Offbeat staffer Caroline to bring all their goth expertise to share Kat Von D's macabre wedding with us…

Last week, Kat Von D married musician Leafar Seyer (aka Rafael Reyes) with a macabre ceremony and reception that gives Red Wedding a new definition.

I’ve been a superfan of Kat’s for a few years now because her enthusiasm about embracing her aesthetic while being a hardworking badass made me realize that I don’t have to keep my weird hidden inside. I wrote a post about her house on Offbeat Home & Life because I’ve also always loved how she loves to support indie businesses, which are more likely to cater to specific aesthetics. When it comes to unapologetically expressing herself, Kat Von D doesn’t hold back, and I love her for it.

She and her partner didn’t hold back when planning their wedding, either. At this point, Kat’s a tattoo maven, make-up brand creator, fashion designer, author, musician, and about a million other things; they could afford to splurge on their wedding. But let’s feast on these decadent pics and see if we can’t find some inspiration for smaller-scale events that are equally big on personality.

The Invitation

Click below to play!

The invitation can be a great way to set the tone for your event and let your guests know that you’re not pulling any punches when it comes to expressing your personalities. Making it something your guests want to show off and hold onto doesn’t necessarily take a tonne of money. It just needs to reflect you and your partner in a way that makes your invitees hearts swell.

The Red

The couple had a separate reception area for the guests that was almost entirely white and had much more of a chapel feel.

After the guests signed the guest book, they entered a new room, where they probably needed a couple seconds for their eyes to adjust:

Kat has been an outspoken vegan for a few years now. In lieu of gifts, the couple asked guests to donate to Animal Equality. Those of you who follow her on Instagram know that her signature all-black wardrobe went vermilion red for a while. In a Facebook post (tw for graphic slaughterhouse description) she explained how a friend made her realize that her choice to start wearing red might have actually been a subconscious one related to the colour of blood and her animal activism. So not only is the red hella goth, but it’s specifically meaningful to her and her partner. Have you thought about incorporating a colour into your wedding to represent a cause? Have you thought about doing it… to this extent!?:

Looking at these photos, the red is overwhelming. And that’s exactly what I would expect from this couple. You might not be as keen to have All Red Everything, but maybe seeing this extreme colour pallette will give you a little more confidence if you wanted to add even more polka-dots or rainbows or whatever to yours. I mean, check out what it looks like when you COMMIT:

The Outfits

Do you want to incorporate traditions and heritage into your wedding outfit, but you still want your personal aesthetic to come through? Check out Leafar’s mariachi-inspired goth af outfit:

And Kat’s dress that had inspiration from her Mexican heritage, as well as antler-type horns:

With an incredible train:

And here they are together:

Don’t be afraid to combine the traditional aspects you want to honour with your personal style. The effect is mind-blowing and makes your look unique.

Here’s the couple with Kat’s mom, and you can see that Kat’s pregnant (with her first child), proving that looking glam as hell while pregnant on your wedding day is possible.

Speaking of outfits… notice that the guests are all in only black? That was a stipulation on the invitation (though it’s likely a lot of them were comfortable in all black all the time anyway). If you want your guests to stick to a dress code, make it something easy. Most people can throw an all-black outfit together, but all-mauve or all-cornflower blue could be more difficult.

The Ceremony

A circle ceremony with no aisle, a big platform so everyone can see instead of an altar, and happy-crying goths reading the vows they wrote sounds on point for a lot of offbeat couples. The couple were married earlier this year, so that’s why the super intimate ceremony could be just the two of them.

If you’ve been thinking you want to share your talents during your ceremony as a gift to your partner, check out how Kat did just that when she sang and played a gorgeous red grand piano:

The Details

Speaking about the ceremony… if you’re anxious about walking down the aisle, why not inject some of your personality in that aspect too, and get some acrobatic fetish-inspired dancers to escort you!?

Click below to play!

They’re great in photos too!

Obviously not everyone can be their entirely weird selves at their weddings to this extent. But if you’ve been on the fence about incorporating your interests in your wedding, let Kat and Leafar’s inspire you. Your dream of a lightsaber battle down the aisle to get to your partner is totally legit.

Your centrepieces are a great place to show off your personality. And if your personality includes a love of skulls, they make amazing centrepieces:

The table can really augment your theme, actually. Check out the goblets, cut glass, prayer candle table number, and other details that could be replicated with thrifting:

Want a personalized image for your wedding, but not into the idea of monograms? Do you love the idea of a “bloodline sigil”? Check out Kat and Leafar’s, which combines their two last names into a dragon with crowns:

Consider commissioning an artist for something similar to reflect your union. You’ll have a great wedding logo as well as a rad piece of art to keep forever.

The Cake

Look at this fucking castle cake, with a projected video of the couple instead of a topper. It was vegan, red velvet, and gigantic. Even if you don’t have the ability to project a video onto your cake, it’s obvious that toppers are not necessary. Your cake can scream your personalities so loudly that nobody needs any more signs that it’s yours.

The Favours

They gave away an exclusive Studded Kiss lipstick that won’t be sold ever. I hope you’re picturing me clutching my face in agony. But how cool is it to think of your favour as an Exclusive Gift? Even if you can’t design your own lipstick, putting the favour in this perspective has made me realize that it could actually be fun to concoct, give, and even receive.

Rub your eyes and thank Goth for the inspiration this extravagant affair is sure to provide for years to come. Then let us know in the comments which parts you plan to steal for your own wedding.


Planning and design: Center of Attention Events • Piano: Yamaha Music USA • Dress and Suit: Majesty Black • Veil: Adolfo Sanchez • Shoes: Natacha Marro

  1. Omg it's fucking amazing. It's just so them and personal. Looove it!
    Love how you've broken it down to show how people can inject the same kind of personality into their wedding. Heck yes!

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