This wedding reminds me of small town festivals and parades with sparklers. Robyn and Mick are both hardcore kickball players, so they decided to hold their ceremony on the kickball field itself, with a tented reception at Mick's parents' house in Lawrence, KS. The ceremony boasted an electric guitar Star-Spangled Banner solo, readings from Shel Silverstein and J.R.R. Tolkien, a ring dog, and a dog flower bearer. Robyn crafted huge paper flowers out of recycled paper, and used old beer cartons for the invitations and reply cards. Thanks to One Tree Photo Services for photographing and sending us this totally charming wedding.

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Comments on A ball field wedding with old-time charm

  1. wow! This surprised me with how beautiful it was. Also are those custom lettered sunglasses as FAVORS!?! Wish I’d thought of that for my beach wedding!

  2. I love the “We Love You, But Seriously, No Requests” – what a great way to keep people from tampering with your playlist!

    • What an awesome idea! those are alot more eco friendly than real flowers, and look super easy too, I would love to know how to make them!

  3. 1. The base of the flower is 9″ wide so you can start by marking the middle of the short end of the paper at the 9″ mark and then marking 4½ inches out on either side.

    2. Create the shape of the petal. Use pencil to be inconspicuous. It’s roughly the shape of a light bulb or shell with lots of undulating waves (you don’t want them to be too precise, they’re flowers!) From the 9″ mark on the short side of the paper draw a 5″ line up the middle.

    3. Cut the shapes out.

    4. Create the texture for the petal. We kept it simple by simply folding the paper over the ruler from the widest rim to the center of the shortest side. Space them out about every 1-1 ½ inches. Remember not to be too precise. Then, turn the petal over and turn every other fold the opposite way like an accordian fold. It might look a little too much like a sea shell at this point, but don’t worry, it gets better.

    5. Overlap one of the 5″ split sections by gluing one piece over the other, about 2-3″. This will create a cupping shape with the petal.

    6. Repeat for each of the remaining 6 sheets.

    7. Assemble the flower. Take three petals and glue one on top of the other so they are evenly spread around to form the center of the flower.

    8. Evenly spread the remaining four petals around the center to create the outer petals.

    9. Create the stamen by drawing a 16″ circle from the yellow sheet of paper and cutting it out.

    10. Create the center by drawing a 10″ circle from the black sheet of paper and cutting it out. I found a 10″ bowl to trace.

    11. Cut 3″ strips around the perimeter of the black center at every ½” mark or so.

    12. Do the same to the yellow stamen, about 5″ strips.

    13. Slightly and gently use the edge of the closed scissors to curl the cut yellow strips of the yellow stamen and the black center, much like curling ribbon for a gift.

    14. Glue the yellow stamen to the center.

    15. Glue black center into the yellow stamen.

    16. Make the leaves. Using the 25″ as the width and the 19″ as the height, fold the edge into the center. Do the same to the other side. This will create 2 leaves. Use the fold as the center of each leaf and draw a half a leaf shape.

    17. Cut out the shape to reveal the full leaf. Do the same to the other side.

    18. Glue two leaves together. Make as many leaves as you would like.

    19 For the bridesmaids and my flower we took wire and wrapped it in floral tape to make it green and bent it into a c shape to create a handle, then glued it in between the petals.

    20.. Group the leaves around the flower and glue together at the bottom. Glue the leaves around the handles of any flowers that you want to be able to hold for a sturdier grip.

    21. For boutonnieres, we purchased pin backs and hot glued these on after making the whole flower.

    We made 3 different sizes by dividing to know the sizes of the leaves, petals and stamen for each size. We made the 9″ base for decorating the field, and a medium size for the bridesmaids and my flower, and more to decorate around the reception area with, and a really small size for the boutonnieres for the men, readers and parents.

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