Celebrate by busting through a “Just Married” sign

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just married sign

You've just gotten married and you feel like a winner. What better way to celebrate winning your life-long partner than by crashing through a “Just Married” sign? Plus, it's a crazy cool photo opportunity, and you can tailor the sign to say whatever you want.

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Comments on Celebrate by busting through a “Just Married” sign

  1. We did this at our wedding this past spring, except our sign read “Game Over”

  2. i love love love this idea!!
    soo stealing it.. but one problem- how on earth do you make a banner like that? probably a dumb question- but i seriously don’t know. please help xx

    • It’s just a big roll of paper and craft paint and it looks like they used dowels and tape to reinforce the sides. We made a few slits in the center to make it easier to tear through. Ahh football pep rallys, who knew they would bring me a life skill.

      • Yep- We asked at a local copy shop for some ends to the rolls (They often have the large rolls with a little left on the roll that they will keep) and was able to tape them together. The seams helped us break through (and had enough to do a test-run too) and used craft paint for the letters. It was fun! We didn’t use dowels though-Just had about 3 people of each side holding the sign up.

  3. I’m thinking of doing this at my wedding in a week and a half, but perhaps the hubs and I will have exact-o knives to cut through. Thoughts?

    • I don’t think you’ll need knives. We did a practice one, and just made two small Xs in the spots we were going to bust through. Worked like a charm.

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