Why Seattle's Jonas Seaman should be your wedding photographer and new best friend!

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Epic love on a mountain top photo? Not a problem for Jonas.
Epic love on a mountain top photo? Not a problem for Jonas.
You guys have totally heard Ariel and Megan wax poetic about Seattle-based wedding photographer, and longtime sponsor Jonas Seaman. But now it's my turn to gush, too — and I just can't help myself: homeboy is GOOD and we feel like he's our collective best friend.

Let's take a sec to gawk at the most recent photography offerings from Jonas and his lady love/co-shooter Mary. Then let's discuss how they can rock YOUR wedding day and become your new best friends as well…

Jonas Seaman _1002
Luckily for you and us, the love-fest is totally mutual:

I meet the most amazing couples from Offbeat Bride and it seems like every couple I book from Offbeat Bride ends up being my friend. I show up on the wedding day and I just feel like another guest or member of the family. Where so many photographers shoot weddings in order to be able to do more personal work, I've found that wedding photography is my personal work. It means so much to me that years from now it will be my images a couple will be holding when looking back on their wedding day. –Jonas Seaman.

Doesn't that give you the warmest and fuzziest of the warm and fuzzies?

Gotta love how Jonas captured that adorable dog in this SO very NYC wedding photo of Valentina and Rob.
Gotta love how Jonas captured that adorable dog in this SO very NYC wedding photo of Valentina and Rob.

But the most important thing is that you guys adore him as well:

Jonas absolutely blew us away… His attentiveness and guidance throughout the whole process, from our first meeting until we received the photos, have been incredibly personal and special. We have never, ever seen such gorgeous photos of us and of our family and friends. Each individual person, each moment, each detail was captured in the most amazing way possible. We were in tears looking through each and every photo, immediately transported back to our wedding day. –Valentina & Rob

Jonas Seaman _1003

And don't forget — Jonas loves to travel for weddings, and he's available in the USA and Mexico. Seriously, in the last several months he and Mary have documented weddings throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as Montana, Utah, California, and four weddings in New York! They also have a few more upcoming weddings in Kentucky and Mexico!

Jonas Seaman _1001

Jonas recently summarized his wedding experiences in 2012 by saying,

Last year couldn't have happened without so many people, but mainly I have to thank all of the couples who stumbled across my work, believed in what I was doing, and invited me to document their wedding day. Being a part of your lives during such a monumental moment has truly enriched my soul. Maybe that sounds corny but it's the absolute truth of it.

And you know what's the best part of that statement? He means it. When you hire Jonas, he's there in each moment with you — feeling your glee, your nervousness, your whole experience.

Jonas Seaman _1004
Rain can't stop love — or Jonas — from capturing this gorgeous pic of Elizabeth and Julia.

If you're ready to fall in love with someone besides your fiance… check out this Washington farm wedding, mountain-top Utah celebration, and this New York same sex wedding. And after you've blissed out for a little while, send Jonas an email and start scheming about your wedding day.

(Psst: for those of you who are looking forward to future hangouts with Jonas — I have it on good authority that he loves Downton Abbey. You know… if you need a conversation starter.)

  1. Jonas is AMAZING!!! And it's very true he becomes your new best friend. He and Mary shot our wedding about a year and half ago and just as mentioned in this article—every detail was paid attention to. We welcomed both of them in just like family and all of our friends and family instantly fell in love with them both. Really it's hard not to. They are such warm loving caring people.

    And the work…..OH MY GAWD the work is spectacular. I wish there were more adjectives….because it's really hard to describe when you get these pieces of amazing art and there you are….in it.

    I'd hire Jonas again in a second for any event….but more often we just invite he and Mary as our guests 🙂

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