Think outside the wedding jewelry box with Hunt Country Jewelers

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Wedding ring set by Hunt Country.
Wedding ring set by Hunt Country

I absolutely delight in introducing you to independent jewelers from parts of the country you may not think about when jewelry shopping, but who are perfect fits for our readers. That perfectly describes our sponsor, Hunt Country Jewelers.

They’re a small, family run jewelry shop in Virginia who specializes in creating epic custom pieces of jewelry. And here’s why they’re the perfect place to get your unique wedding rings…

Custom engagement ring.
Custom engagement ring

1. Indie biz love

Ed and Logan are the father and son design build team behind Hunt Country Jewelers. Claire is their lapidary and “general matriarch.” Carolyn married in to the biz, and she manages everything Claire doesn’t like doing — namely marketing and decorating. And this team does just about everything in-house — import and cut their own gemstones, refine their (recycled) metals, and design and build each piece by hand.

Matching wedding band set.
Matching wedding band set

2. Budget-friendly

“We know that Beautiful things come in all price ranges, so we have lots of options in many ranges and are very budget conscious… We like to meet our clients wherever they are in life — in their budgets, lifestyles, and design aesthetics — and create something beautiful for them.” – Claire Cutshall, Founder, Lapidary

Opal and dragon ring.
Opal and dragon ring

3. They make awesome custom designs (many that feature dragons)

Perhaps the best reason Hunt Country is perfect for our readers, is that they love color and love, love, love non-diamond wedding jewelry. They’ve designed a little bit of everything from a tiny herds of 3D elephants, a pair of “intergalactic spiderweb earrings,” and even a very specific motorcycle tire tread patterned wedding band!

“We love working with people who want to think outside the jewelry box — our production is extremely exclusive because we try to touch each part of the process ourselves from start to finish and making the same thing over and over gets old quickly. We like to mix it up!” – Carolyn Cutshall, Manager and Marketing


Because of all their awesome design work, Hunt Country can only produce about 200 pieces a year. Half of those are actually fully custom commissioned pieces where they work with clients to design and build from start to finish. And, as they put it…

“We would love to work with more Offbeat Brides and Grooms who are looking outside the mass-produced jewelry box for something crafted just for them!”

If you’re looking for unique pieces of wedding jewelry, get in contact with Hunt Country and be one of the lucky few to have custom-made (maybe dragon-themed???) wedding jewelry!

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