Brain-boggling wedding shoes from Jeffrey Campbell

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How many of you are familiar with Jeffrey Campbell? He's an LA-based shoe designer who's stuff ranges from the mildly funky all the way to just, like, wait — is this real life? What's even going on here? Is that meant to go on your foot? While his stuff may be way too out there for the vast majority (hell, I like loud/weird shoes and even I'm like buh wuh omguh?), if you're into it… YOU ARE INTO IT.

Today I'mma take a peek at some of my favorite Jeffrey Campbell ranging from flats to towering platforms to flatforms, all from everyone's favorite underground cult online shoe store, Solestruck. For those of you who know Solestruck, you know they have an intense cult following and their styles don't stay in stock — if you see something you like, snap it up quick before it's gone!

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  1. SILENCE FROM THE MASSES. I have finally posted shoes so weird that I have rendered my readers MUTE.

    • I love JC shoes. I have a pair of Black Lita Spike, and I’m planning on getting some others. They’re kinda expensive but the quality is great and my litas are super confortable.

  2. I shall break the silence!!
    DEM PEACOCK SHOES. (Two comments later I have betrayed my love of peacock everything.)

  3. The flat in the teaser looks like the shoe you’d wear to meet up with your ex who did you wrong. Then you act as sweet as pie while he keeps glancing at your toes and flinching.

  4. I must have those skully white trainers to dance in after the ceremony! They’re so awesome!!!!!

  5. Oh, you mean the designer of those unicorn heels I have been lusting after since possibly the dawn of time? Yeah, I know of his shoes.
    It’s a love-hate sort of thing. Love the shoes; hate the price tag. I will own them…SOMEDAY! No other shoe will live up to my fantasy shoe-dreams. :c

  6. sign up for the solestruck mailing list- they have some really good sales through out the year! and yep jc are super comfy! make sure you read the reviews and measure your foot if needed because sizing definitely varies across the styles

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