You can totally have your artsy, eco-friendly, vegan, destination wedding of your dreams with Jamaica’s Hummingbird Hall

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Break out your bathing suits and your sunnies, because we are going to take a tour of one HOT wedding venue. Offbeat sponsor Hummingbird Hall is a gorgeous mansion located on a 4,000-acre estate complete with historic ruins, a waterfall, private beach, botanical gardens, and panoramic ocean and mountain views located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The great thing about Hummingbird Hall is that, unlike most all-inclusive destination wedding venues, they aren't against you doing your own thing! If you've even been playing with the idea of a destination wedding, keep reading to see how Hummingbird Hall could be the key to your offbeat Caribbean wedding!

Based on its history, Hummingbird Hall is perfect for you artsy types. The Hall started life as the retreat of a novelist, and hosted countless artist and writers' retreats before opening as a wedding venue. In fact, the Hall teams with such an impressive collection of Jamaican art collected from that retreat period that you and your guests will get an awesome artshow alongside a wedding.

These are some of the coolest centerpieces I've ever seen -- floating clouds raining paper cranes.

And, true to Hummingbird Hall‘s artistic roots, each wedding at the Hall is custom designed, from the centerpieces (zomg, the ones pictured above!), to the cake, to the decor of the Hall itself, by a team of Jamaican artists and artisans. This means that your destination wedding doesn't need to be toothless just because you want to have a tropical wedding. Your Jamaican wedding can be as fun and funky as you want it to be! (Take it from someone who struggled to plan an offbeat island destination wedding — not being forced to do traditional wedding packages and decor is a rare and wonderful thing.)

Hummingbird Hall is also eco-conscious and supports the local community. Much of their food is grown on property (and locally) and they regularly sponsor literacy efforts in the community and support local children's homes. So you get a total two-fer: a kick-ass wedding, and the knowledge that you're actively supporting the local economy with your wedding budget.

Just promise to save me a seat at your wedding, okay?

There are so many other reasons Hummingbird Hall is calling (live streaming for guests who can't be there, kid-friendly entertainment options, and live chat help online) that you have to head over to their website to dive in to all the tropical goodness, before you can LITERALLY dive into the tropical goodness at your Jamaican wedding!

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Comments on You can totally have your artsy, eco-friendly, vegan, destination wedding of your dreams with Jamaica’s Hummingbird Hall

  1. I’d be a little concerned about promoting Jamaica as a favourable offbeat wedding locale on OBB. Given the proliferation of non-heterosexual/heteronormative relationships detailed on the site, it seems a little problematic to encourage wedding tourism to a place where male-male homosexual acts can theoretically get you ten years in prison.

    And I am the world’s biggest Debbie Downer.

    • We discussed this issue extensively with the folks at Hummingbird Hall, linking to that exact Wikipedia article in our emails. They had some fascinating perspectives on how the day-to-day realities for LGBT community members in Jamaica differ from the reputation that the country has garnered in the international press. I really appreciate their efforts to make it clear on their website that they are personally committed to holding a space for LGBT unions, despite the political challenges in the region. I will invite them to respond to your thoughts here in the comments.

      That said, as always, when it comes to the ethics of travel, we trust our readers to do their own research and make their own decisions about what feels right for them.

      • All the thought that is put in to catering to the many viewpoints and feelings of this comunity is really so amazing, that I’m never worried to send anyone over to this blog. It’s instances like these that show how those invovled in running OBB always have others in mind. 🙂
        For me, Jamaica is no different than promoting any other country where same sex unions are… expected to be not well received. I don’t see it as saying that you do/do not agree with the government on their stance on numerous topics- it’s saying there are some great qualities in many places in the world where things aren’t perfect…and if you think you’d like to go there, OBBs have options.

    • Hi Katie,
      Thanks for your comment.

      Ariel did raise the same questions prior to our going to publication, and our response was in essence that Hummingbird Hall hopes to be the change that we want to see.

      Gay communities *do* exist in Jamaica as do liberal minded folk fighting for equality and human rights eg

      There are also problems with violence in parts of Jamaica, period. It is not always the case that violence against people who happen to be in the LGBT community is because they are in the LGBT community.

      As Ariel mentioned, you can find info on our positive support of the LGBT community here:

      Every country does have ethical challenges in some form or another – and Jamaica is *certainly* not distinct from this. However, it’s certainly not the case that all in Jamaica are against equality and human rights.

      • Alisha,

        Thanks so much for this comment (and that page on your site!). My partner and I went to a friend’s wedding in Jamaica several years ago – it was lovely and I have wanted to return, but have been conflicted about both safety issues for us and the political realities. You’ve definitely made me more thoughtful about this issue.

  2. Great, Rizubunny!

    Please do consider Jamaica – especially places like Negril, Montego Bay and Portland…a lot of v. passionate people are working quietly behind the scenes.. I’m sure you’ll be positively surprised when you visit! 🙂

  3. Thanks for bringing up the issue for the GLBT peeps! I have always been apprehensvie about travel to Jamaica, never mind a wedding…this post and responses have sure changed my mind! Thanks!

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