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January 24 2007 | arielmstallings

A few months ago I won a charity auction to have my book reviewed by the Seattle's snarkiest alt-weekly, The Stranger. The review published today, and it's a win/win … the article is wonderful and I got to donate to Northwest Harvest! Plus, it was fun. Furthermore, one of my favorite Stranger writers, Cienna Madrid, wrote the piece. Is that four wins? Whatever. Here's a quote:

Offbeat Bride is the perfect book for engaged couples who are grappling with how to buck tradition, bypass the formidable Wedding Industry, and design their own weddings. For such couples, Offbeat Bride is more than a go-to guide; it is a godsend. (Or goddess-send. Or mystical-universal-life-force-connected-to-the-great-mother-earth-send.)

Stallings is a relentless researcher and clever type A who has explored every avenue ending in wedding bells, interviewed every other offbeat bride she could shake a charming stick at, and has the good heart to pass on her smarts so that other brides aching to break from tradition may profit from her knowledge. Stallings doesn't just pave new bridal paths, she gives couples the tools to forge their own.

Read the whole review.

  1. I love it! By the way, one of my brides is up in Seattle and I just told her to go check out that designer from the last post and Girlie press as well. Go local Seattlites!

    PS. I'm considering putting together a "reccomended bridal reading list" for my packet. Your book will be on the top of the list.

  2. Hey Ariel, I just got your book yesterday, and I just love it. I live in very lame and about as non off-beat as you can get Springfield Illinois, and well I am planning to get married on Earth Day (april 22nd) 2008. Not a lot here to give me ideas for an alternative to a cookie-cutter wedding. I am young (just shy of 19) and overwhelmed even at these very beginning stages of planning, especially since what I want is anything but typical. I frequently browse the wedding section at our Barnes and Noble (since I work there) and yesterday I picked your book up on a whim (hey nothing else has worked yet, and the title seems to fit). I was flipping through it between ringing up customers, and wasn't done with it when it was time to close, so I bought it, just to check it out a bit more (because well if it didn't work out I could return it because there is nothing more depressing than 15 unused wedding books on your shelf so if it isn't right don't keep it); anyway I got home and much to my surprise and amazement i had it halfway read before bed. It felt like having a best friend by my side who had already been through the trouble and pain and knew all the best tricks. I love the personal anecdotes and the very helpful advice on just everything. I am happy to say that not only will I be keeping your book, but I will be buying it for everyone I know who is planning an offbeat wedding, because your book rocks my socks. Thanks for bringing wedding planning to a level of pure enjoyment for me.

    Julia Johnson

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