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51Cv21DBIxL._SX395_I got an email earlier this week from a reader named Krystal, gushing about Irregular Choice‘s range of fabulously weird shoes, noting “OMGosh, they make me want to have a tea party in Wonderland and I love it!” We've featured Irregular Choice many times, but Krystal's email inspired me to do a whole post dedicated to 'em.

One advantage of Irregular Choice is that they're pretty affordable — many of these shoes are under $100. Also, I got several pairs of great flats in here, including one pair of insane orange flats with spats attached. (Try saying that three times fast!)

Irregular Choice Women's Girl Next Adore Ballet Flat

Irregular Choice Women's Beans On Toast Pump

Irregular Choice Women's Im In Vegas Pump

Irregular Choice Women's Panda Paw Slingback

Irregular Choice Women's Hello Govener Sandal

Irregular Choice Women's Grace Lace Wedge

Irregular Choice Women's Youreastar Pump

Irregular Choice Women's Jazz Baby Wedge

Irregular Choice Women's Hopscotch Heavens Ballet Flat

Irregular Choice Women's Swordmaker Pump

Irregular Choice Women's Nolita Honey Wedge

Irregular Choice Women's Bangers And Mash Pump

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  1. This doesn’t have much to do with shoes, but I just wanted to let you know my other car just broke down and where is the first place I go on my phone while waiting for a tow truck? Thats right. Here.

  2. I was about to go “how could you leave off these babies! …” and post a pic to “mine” that I hadn’t bought yet, only to find they aren’t available anymore *sigh*. Still, Irregular Choice kick all ass.

  3. I totally have the “insane orange flats with spats attached” (I think – what’s a spat? Also, they’re more red with gold, so look good with red OR orange).


    – Becca

  4. i loove my irregular choice shoes. Both pairs always attract attention. My favorite pair were were a surprise from my dude. Now can’t decided to wear those or buy the ones with flashing heels!!

  5. I feel about Irregular Choice shoes the way I imagine some people feel about pretty women passing on the street. I just want to turn my head to watch them go by and go DAYUMMMMMMMM.

  6. Great post, but why not include a direct link to their site? I had to go seek it out and its actually a pretty fun site.

    Thanks for all the great content!

    • I read that several times as “I had the most beautiful royal purple hair that I wore to my wedding last year!”

      Which, ya’know, yay for you. But what does that have to do with shoes?? LOL

  7. IC is what I went with. Cute dusty pink Victorian inspired pumps with robots on the heel. Sadly they’re a hint to big but I wore them anyway because they’re kick ass.

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