The opposite of classy: IRON FIST wedding shoes all up in your eyeballs

Updated Oct 31 2019
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Sugar Hiccup Platform - GoldA couple weeks ago I tried to get my classy on by featuring Ruche's totally lovely vintage-styled shoes. And, I mean, they really ARE lovely. But now the pendulum must swing, and we must look at some shoes that are lovely in a different way… in a way that's a bit more up in your face-hole, with style names like Bonebreaker, Rip My Heart Up, and Glamour Guts. Much as I love Iron Fist shoes, they are NOT what I'd call "classy" (I mean, does having a rainbow unicorn printed on your pumps count as "classy"?) and that's exactly why some bitches like me love 'em! These are shoes for your Halloween wedding, your zombie-themed reception, or maybe just a very late night boudoir session… - Free 2nd Day Shipping

Lolita Love Wedge - White

Booze Cruise Platform - Stone

Vanity Fair Flat - Black

Bonebreaker Platform - Nude

Night A Light Platform - Navy

Shot Gun Platform - White

Filthy Landlubber Platform - Tan

Demon Donkey Platform - Pink

Sweets My Sweet PT Plat - Multi

Sugar Hiccup Platform - Cobalt

Gated Sole Peep TP - White

Love Bites Bootie - Natural Leopard

Lacey Days Point Platform - Pink

Indecent Obsession Plat - Multi

Love Me Now Wedge - Pink

Sugar Witch Platform - Charcoal

Lounge Days Platform - White Multi

Unicornopia Platform - Navy


Random bonus shoe!

  1. I have so many pairs of Iron Fist shoes – they are smegging awesome, and unexpectedly, super comfy! Awesome choice of shoes

    • Ahhhahahahhahaha, "smegging awesome." New favorite phrase. I have many friends who will appreciate it. 🙂

      Also, that first shoe is totally classy. Champagne satin and silver? With slim cut black dress pants and a tucked in white button down shirt, with a pompadour, suspenders, and red matte lipstick optional? Intergender glam awesomeness. (Extra points for wearing thick black rimmed glasses.)

    • Oh smeg, you watch red dwarf too?

      And, the whiteish anchor/roses are cool, and would be perfect for our nautical wedding if she didn't already have shoes… hers are more like the bonus shoe. "chunky heel oxfords"

  2. I just purcahsed my first pair a few weeks ago. I'm obsessed. The height had me worried at first, but they are very comfy. Oh, and for those on a budget – Justfab now offers a pretty big array of these shoes. I got mine for 19.95 with the 50% new member discount. Huzzah!

  3. I love Iron Fist shoes but I wish they made some lower heel options (not flats) for us girls that are 6'0+. The designs are SO awesome though and I would have loved to wear a pair for our wedding but I'd be towering over my groom.

  4. Oh man, Iron Fist make beautiful, BEAUTIFUL shoes and if I was a millionaire and miracle worker I would buy ALL the Iron Fist shoes…
    Unfortunately, I find wearing really high heels difficult and super uncomftable so I am doomed to stare hungrily and lust after these shoes for all eternity…

  5. I am completely obsessed with Ironfist shoes – my only issue is where I am there's not too many choices, and the place I'm getting married at has loaads of stairs and cobblestones (and try to walk on cobblestones with stiletto platform heels, it's not fun) 🙁

    But Ironfist rules!

  6. Yay, IronFist! I've already got mine picked out for my wedding. I went with LoveLace which aren't shown here, but brilliantly have a heeled version for the day, and flats for the reception when I'm a bit more wobbly and fibro-d out. And a matching bag so I can keep my medication close by, and the anxiety down!

  7. I love love love some fancy shoes, but why, oh why, must all heals be gigantic stilettos? Isn't there a nice sensible heel around a 2 inch height that still looks fancy as hell?

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