ipad wedding

It finally happened, folks! I shot a wedding ceremony completely run from the officiant's iPad! And it was awesome. I was literally giddy about it. The lucky couple, Katie and Aaron, thought I was a nut job because of how excited I was over this.

Keep reading for some sweet iPad I mean, wedding porn…

IMG_1361Katie copying her vows onto the iPad.

ipad ceremonyAren't they adorable!?

Katie & Aaron's Oceanside weddingKatie got all weepy during her vows, it was super sweet.

IMG_1599Katie and Aaron got married in the beautiful outdoor setting in Oceanside and can we take a break from the iPad porn and just talk about how AMAZING Katie's outfit is. She made all of that herself.

Okay back to the geekery — here's one more photo for you Apple fan-boys out there…

IMG_1374A little iBook, iPad and iPhone action all at the same time. And I swear I did not set up this shot — this literally just happened!

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