PinballThe number of GUH-MAZING photos pouring into the Offbeat Bride pool this summer is totally overwhelming me, and while I always want to feature some of my favorite weddings as full wedding profiles, that can take a long time. Lots of brides don't submit their profiles until they have their professional photos, as as we all know — that can take months. So what to do when I see a photo I'm dying to feature, but don't have the full story yet?


You can totally click the photos below to get more details over on Flickr. Oh, and where possible, I've tried to note photographers who took the shots.

Still Punk Rock
Too freaking cute! The crinoline! The cons! The glasses! The little anime hair buns! dies of omgcute

sarah & bridesmaids

Why, I haven't seen a rainbow dress like this since Anya's wedding last year and HOLY HELL. I love rainbow dresses. Just love them. Sarah looks smashing here in her's, and as a bonus: check out the rainbow felt bouquet!

And there was a VW van named Ursula involved:
Jack & Sarah & Ursula

Oh, and then there's this turquoise & red wedding:

The die-hards.

I took one look at this picture and was like “Hey, are they in Portland?!” And of course they are! I know there are lots of bikers in other cities, but seriously — there are sooo many awesome bike nerds in PDX, that I just knew this was two of 'em. Julie, the bride, explains in the caption:

We ended our wedding with a bike parade across town! We sat and had (extended for us!) happy hour with the crew who made it the whole way, our photographer Erin and our friend/hairstylist Kathleen who drove down to meet us, and a few stray friends who popped up.

Here's Julie with her groom Thomas headed toward downtown Portland after the wedding. Notice the “Just married” sign around Julie's waist!


And then there was this shot:

Which makes me blurt out inappropriate things like CAN I BE THE MEAT IN THAT SANDWICH OK I'LL JUST BE QUIET NOW. And keeping with the purple theme:

Mmm beer

OBT member kiwibttrflyty shows us how it's done on your wedding day.

And finally, the bride who's smile will carry you through your entire Monday:


I actually got an amazing email from a reader named Mary-Beth about the bride pictured above:

As soon as I saw this woman, she became one of the most inspirational brides I've ever seen if not the most ever. What I find inspiring about this bride is how she unashamedly shows off her beautiful body art and looks beautiful and happy while doing it. Seeing this, and the huge smiles on her face throughout her wedding, gave me every confidence that staying true to ourselves with our wedding will give us the greatest joy. Just seeing this bride and her happiness has inspired me and I hope it inspires others to love themselves and add to that love however they see fit.

Coco has tried contacting the bride to get more information … none yet, but we'll keep trying!

Comments on Monday Montage

  1. oh. my. gawd.

    That purple dress with the green lacing just made my heart skip a few beats. Delightful! If the bride pictured is lurking around, care to share some details?

    • I am actually working on her bride profile as we speak, so you’ll be able to get more details soon!

      • excellent. her dress has inspired me to try a colourd ribbon in my lace up backing of my dress. I wish i could go purple and green but it wont quite fit… or maybe it will.

        • Go for it! I am the bride in that picture (w007) And it is one of my favourite pictures from the day. And he cleans up alright too, I suppose ;).

    • Well thank you darlin! Yes, every picture from my day showed every single tooth in my head. I couldn’t help it! Absolutely the happiest day of my entire long life. xoxox

  2. Wonderful stuff! That rainbow dress made me hanker for some cotton candy. The purple lace-up dress made me hanker for something else. How beautiful and inspirational are those brides?! Dang!

  3. wow! what a great addition to a website that already makes me do cartwheels in my tiny brooklyn apt! i will look forward to the monday montage until my wedding next year… and then probably beyond.

  4. Makes me want to celebrate upcoming 15th anv. in a BIG ,BEAUTIFUL& DRESSY Way! On a Bike, in Portland, just like Julie 🙂 Thank you for sharing the pictures and stories

  5. I love the new feature. I’m not just saying that cause I made the inaugural post =)

  6. Lol, I am actually coming up on my 1st anniversary this Sunday… and I just finally got around to posting a few pictures on the OB Flikr group (I’m the one with the crazy pink crinoline and chucks :). Hopefully this will be the kick in the pants I need to finally submit my profile thing! I’ve been meaning to do it FORever, since OBB was such a huge help to me in planning my wedding.

    • This is as awesome as you are. 🙂 I can’t believe you haven’t done your profile yet since all you do is sit around eating bonbons….oh, well, and working two jobs and going to school fulltime. You’ve got nothing but time!

  7. I just love all the dresses here…..I love the punk girl’s dress so kick ass and the coreseted/lace up purple dress is omg!!!! so cool!!!!! I’m still deciding on a dress and these just keep me inspired. We haven’t proposed to one another yet (no money at all for rings…nada) so we are just getting ideas. Thanks for this most awesome site.

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